5 Differences Between Personal & Business Instagram Accounts


Instagram has been growing at an insane speed. Over a billion people visit the platform daily. Thousands of new accounts are created every day and the user base of Instagram continues to grow steadily. Instagram itself has grown a lot over time and is not the simple photo-sharing platform it was in the early days. 

From celebrities to businesses, Instagram has become a favorite of many for marketing and growing their brand. The people behind the platform have been aware of it as well. The launch of Instagram For Business was a testimony for it. Let’s take a look at Instagram’s business accounts and the difference between them and personal accounts.

How to get a business account on Instagram?

Getting a professional Instagram account is completely free and you don’t even need to create a new account. An existing profile can be converted into a business account. There is an option to ‘Switch To Professional Account’ in your account settings where one can choose between business or creator accounts. If you someday want to go back, the same process can be repeated to revert back to a personal account. 

Basic Differences

We begin with some miscellaneous differences between the two types of accounts. They do not make a big difference individually but do so when grouped together.

First of all, an Instagram account for business can never be set to private. With a personal account, the user has the option to keep it private or public on the other hand. This is why every brand account on Instagram is always public. 

Another difference you might notice in a business account is the presence of call-to-action buttons. Clicking on these options takes your followers to various destinations or even makes calls. Speaking of which, business accounts are also allowed to include contact information in their bios. Your contact info shows up as a CTA button and by clicking on it anyone can contact you directly. 

Instagram for Business has another exclusive tool featured in Stories called ‘Swipe Up’ where you can incorporate external links. Swiping up on your story will take a user to that link straight away. Buying followers will not only get you more followers but also you will see a perfect growth in your reach and get you more likes on Instagram posts.

Access To Instagram Insights

Many Instagram users pay third parties to get access to analytics and insights of their accounts but you can do it right within Instagram for absolutely free. All you need is a professional Instagram account to go deep into various statistics about your engagement, audience, content, and much more.

This information can be put to great use and improve your overall results on Instagram. For example, you can find out the time of the day when most of your followers are active so that you can post during the peak of activity. 

Similarly, insights can tell you which content of yours gets the most engagement. Information on other similar data is crucial for optimizing your account for the best engagement.

Advertisement & Post Boosts

Instagram advertising is done through Facebook ad manager and you are required to have a page linked to your account. Ads and boosts are only available on professional accounts so if you want to promote yourself, you will have to get Instagram comments services for more engagement to increase your business sales. 

Instagram and Facebook’s ad services might just be the best among social media networks and you will miss out on it with a personal account.

Instagram Shopping

Instagram’s shopping section is one of the steps taken by the company to promote brands on the platform. Users can showcase, buy and sell products easily through Instagram for a while now. 

But you need to have a professional Instagram account to get access to that. With a business account, you can convert any post into a shoppable post by tagging a product in it. Other users can click on these posts to get more details on your products and buy them.

Scheduled Posts

Another difference between the two types of Instagram accounts is that it is possible to schedule posts in advance with a business account. While it is not an in-built feature, you can easily link a third-party scheduler to stay ahead of the curve. Any such tools or software are not supported on a personal Instagram account. 


In conclusion, if your motivation behind using Instagram is related to marketing and business, it is the need of the hour to have a business account. It is absolutely free and you don’t need to do anything special to get an Instagram business account. In return, you get numerous features that you and your brand can benefit from. 

Better engagement rates are one of the advantages business accounts have over regular ones. If you want to improve that even more, you should try to buy Instagram followers.