5 Differences Between Personal and Business Instagram Accounts


Regardless of whether you’re an influencer, an online business shop, or a small business, social media can help you fabricate brand awareness and generate leads. Specifically, Instagram is an astounding platform for visually appealing products and brands.

Every person behind an Instagram account runs after getting more likes on Instagram posts. That is why they buy Instagram followers and likes to increase their credibility and show off their engagement.

Instagram business accounts were introduced for marketing. An Instagram business account incorporates progressed features intended to assist you with understanding your clients and bringing people to your site.

Well, people often get confused while making an account on Instagram. So, in this article, we will talk about the difference between an Instagram business account and a personal account.

What is a Professional Account on Instagram?

An Instagram account for business empowers brands to follow their engagement and interactions. Instagram business profiles offer more analytical tools than personal accounts. These tools can assist you with understanding your client better and expand the reach of your business.

Instagram Business Account versus Personal Account

Contrasted with personal accounts, business accounts accompany two fundamental benefits- audience insights and lead generation tools.

In case you’re using Instagram essentially to discover inspiration and associate with your loved ones, you just need a personal profile.

A basic Instagram account allows you to post content and view other Instagram profiles. Besides, if you opt to keep a personal Instagram account, you can convert it from public to a private account, which will only allow your followers to see your content.

Then again, an Instagram business profile is public and anybody on Instagram can see it. This is extraordinary news with regards to contacting new communities and growing your brand exposure and buying active instagram followers from the websites like viralyft, getviral.io and socialpros.io is a protip.

Benefits of an Instagram Business Account

If you’re utilizing Instagram as a component of your social media marketing strategy, an Instagram business page offers premium features to assist you in growing your business online.

Here is a portion of the key features that distinguish an Instagram personal account and a business account.

  • Instagram insights

Analytical tools are a fundamental piece of any digital marketing strategy. Assuming you need to work on your performance on Instagram, you should have the option to measure it.

Notwithstanding contact information, Instagram Insights is one of the fundamental advantages of having a business account.

Instagram business accounts give analytics about your posts’ performance. You can see your bits of knowledge directly on the Instagram application (desktop or mobile). 

If you want to keep track of the performance of your posts or want information about your target audience, then switching to an Instagram business profile would be the best decision of your life. You won’t need assistance from any paid marketing agency.

  • Capacity to boost posts

Assuming you need greater engagement with your content, you can boost your posts to increase their reach. When you support your post with Instagram advertisements, you can choose a target audience and set a budget plan.

Instagram then boosts your post and incorporates the results of your promotion spend in your Insights tab.

You can only promote your posts via organic methods like hashtags and keywords in an Instagram personal profile while the Instagram Ads feature is available for business accounts only.

  • Contact button and quick reply

With an Instagram professional account, you can also add your contact data to your Instagram profile. Current and potential clients can visit your profile and utilize this button to contact you.

At the point when you make your Instagram business account, there’s a “Public Business Information” area that permits you to add a telephone number and an email address. If you have a physical store, you can even incorporate your business’s actual location.

If you don’t have a reply to every DM, making a business account on Instagram gives you the advantageous choice of setting up quick replies. These are pre-composed answers to normal inquiries that you can send to your audiences. In your account settings, you should see an option of ‘Fast Replies.’

Your business account additionally gives you the alternative to categorize your inbox, which is incredible for monitoring your most significant leads. You can filter messages between various tabs.

  • Instagram shopping

Instagram additionally offers online shops and shoppable posts, ideal for internet business sites and retailers.

Instagram users with business accounts can initiate the Shop tab on their profile and use Instagram as a mobile storefront. They can also make shoppable Instagram posts for customers to purchase products or even save them for later.

This feature is not available for personal accounts and thus acts as a huge difference between both types of Instagram profiles.

  • Auto-Publish Content

One of several advantages of Instagram business over the personal account is that you can plan content to auto-post. With a business profile, you can plan your posts using any of the social media scheduling sites like HootSuite and BlogSpot, and they will automatically post your content at the time you want them to. You simply need to interface with your Facebook account to get this fully operational.

You need to post your content manually for a personal profile. You can plan it ahead of time, and set a reminder when it’s an ideal opportunity to post.


So, these were the key differences between the Instagram business account and personal account. Hope you find this article helpful and choose the best type of account that suits your requirements from Instagram.