5 Creative and Budget-Friendly Ways to Show Employee Appreciation


Is it time to show your team just how much you appreciate all their hard work? Whether your employees have been with you for years or you’ve recently hired some superstars, your team should receive appreciation when they deserve it.

What are some things you can do that are budget-friendly yet creative and unique enough for your team to love them? Here are some ideas that won’t hurt the company pocketbook, but that will keep your team motivated: 

Gift them company swag

Consider gifting your employees some cool swag from your company. If they love working at your brand, you can bet they’ll love getting a gift of goodies that they’d be proud to use with your company logo. A laptop bag, full of great items they can use on their commute or at the job is a great idea. 

From custom bic lighters to other things they can use all gifted in a quality backpack or laptop bag, you can be sure that your team members will appreciate the gesture. There are so many things your team could use, so think about what type of people your employees are, so you hit the mark with the right company swag they’d be happy to use. 

Throw a surprise company happy hour

Why not throw a happy hour to show your team how much you appreciate them? Who doesn’t love free food and beverages? If you have a specific team in your company who has been “killing it” at their jobs, invite them to a local happy hour at a spot you’ll know they’ll love. 

It’s not only a great way to show them you appreciate them, but it’s also a bonding experience that can help you get to know the people on your team, which is even better. You can look at apps that help you find happy hours in your area, so you can make sure to hit the mark with the best happy hour in town. 

Gift personalized Yeti tumblers

Hydrated team members are happier team members and when they are hydrated with their own personalized Yeti tumblers, even better. While Yeti tumblers may cost more than your typical plastic water bottles, they last longer making them more environmentally friendly, and they also keep water cool, which makes them perfect for a summer appreciation gift. 

Help them relax with relaxation packages

You know how hard your team works and you want to help them get some relaxation? Self-care packages are a great way to help your team know that you notice how hard they’re working. From bath-bombs to lotion, shower steamers, and more, you can custom-order care packages online for your employees to feel appreciated. 

Gift gift cards at an appreciation meeting

Call a meeting and hear the groans, but then surprise your employees that you want to appreciate, with gift cards and words of appreciation for a job well done. Whether you give gift cards with a specific amount of money on them or you give them cards to a local top restaurant, gift cards plus words of affirmation are a great way to make your team feel appreciated. 

In Conclusion

It’s easy to show your team you appreciate them when you know them, so take time to understand what your employees love when it’s time to celebrate their achievements.  A company is as only good as the people in it, so make sure you’re appreciating the people that make your brand the success it is. These above-mentioned gestures don’t cost a lot, but they can certainly mean a lot to your team.