5 Cannabis Strains to Spice Up Your Daily Life


If cannabinoids were not good for your sex life, why did Playboy just launch a new brand of CBD products? We might be overstepping here a little, but we think when it comes to expertise in the acts of love, Playboy has over seven decades of experience.

Growing up and growing older means less sex? Statistically, there are many factors that mess with our adult sex life. Fatigue is one of them. Health conditions for men and women can be a significant obstacle. Where physiological problems are not a fact, loss of intimacy is the next biggest threat to happy and healthy sex life.

Researchers aren’t sure if married or common-law partners that live together suffer from not enough space or too much of it—emotionally speaking. Life can be hard and stressful. And for people over the age of forty, that can mean less physical or mental energy to have sex.

If it was on a to-do list, it might fall at the bottom, after things like work deadlines, childcare, driving to a million football practices and games. Grocery shopping, house cleaning, laundry… neither partner may be disinterested. Adulting is tiring.

If you live in a state with legal adult-use (recreational) cannabis, have you thought about exploring ‘sex on weed’ to spice things up? There were some interesting facts in this article on marijuanadoctors.com.  Depending on the strain you choose, it can be rocket fuel for your sex life. And help transform ‘too tired’ and into ‘giddy-up’ mode.

Removing Chronic Pain from Playtime

Did you know that in 2019, 20.4% of American adults had chronic pain? And the group from the National Health Interview Survey, 7.4% said chronic pain frequently limited activities of normal living. Which, of course, also means sex.

Non-Hispanic white adults are more likely to have chronic pain than non-Hispanic POC (people of color) or Asian adults. There also seems to be a correlation between adults with chronic pain and rural living. That could be attributed to more sedentary positioning required during a daily long-distance commute.

Intractable pain refers to chronic pain that cannot be resolved or reduced by a prescription drug or other OTC topicals and therapies. Life with chronic pain and no relief has a significant impact on otherwise healthy sex life. And medications for pain relief can also have side-effects. Some opioids and NSAID medications can impact hormones that may reduce libido.

Cannabis can enhance sensitivity to stimuli, promote relaxation and pain relief, and increase energy. This is why it may be the best not-kept secret since Viagra.

Why Kamasutra on Indica is a Bad Idea

Don’t get us wrong! When you are tired or have some chronic pain that is being a pain, nothing beats a good Indica. It is the consummate “in da couch” weed. It can help you relax quickly, significantly reduce your stress, and make you feel cozy.

One of the things that people love about Indica strains is that they lower the volume. If you have anxiety or are prone to a lot of noise in your head’ an Indica strain could make things pretty quiet, making you more observant of other senses if you know what we mean.

Indica can also make you feel dozy. One of the consistent things about Indica dominant strains is that almost all of them create drowsiness. So, after making a great dinner, lighting some candles, queuing Alexa to play some romantic beats, falling asleep would be a bad thing.

However, Indica strains can also create some pretty powerful body-highs. Heighten sensitivity. Some studies have also suggested that specific strains of Indica can enhance the pitch and the home run. If that sounds interesting, make sure you call “batter’s up!” without waiting too long after taking a hit.

The Sexy Superstar Strains are Sativa Dominant

We promise no more baseball analogies. But Sativa strains are usually the top choice for date night. First of all, many Sativa strains provide a euphoric and uplifting mood. Not that sex isn’t fun without weed; it’s just extra fun.

Some strains of Sativa can cause giggles. That could be awesome or catastrophic in the bedroom. It just depends on the vibe of the evening. But one of the other things that Sativa can take to the mattress is natural and long-lasting energy. Which, you know, is good.

Experienced tokers suggest a Sativa at the start of the evening and an Indica to end in some relaxing sleep, feeling no pain. Some of the top five cannabis strains for sex pack that double punch, providing an Indica-like come down after about two hours. Right around snuggle time.

  1. Dream Queen

If you ever saw “Boogie Nights,” they were probably smoking Dream Queen. It is a hybrid created from Space Queen and Blue Dream. It has mad terpenes and flavonoids. Dream Queen smells like bubblegum, citrus, with notes of pineapple. And it is covered in trichomes.

Dream Queen averages 16% THC and creates a happy, euphoric, and uplifted mood. However, after about 2-4 hours, it can produce a sedating effect. Some people experience dry mouth when using Dream Queen, so keep a bottle of water close by. Also, some snacks. Dream Queen is a munchie kind of bud.

The strain creates a cerebral high. Some people have commented that it is an excellent strain for relief of stress and anxiety. It can also help reduce pain, which can stack your performance stats when it counts.

  1. Super Sour Diesel

Turn up the volume, dim the lights because you are in for a wild night if you pair your partner with some Super Sour Diesel. It is a Sativa dominant strain that is a rocket ship when it comes to creative thought.

Super Sour Diesel is not for beginners. Don’t take that as a dare; it hits hard but happy. Just very (very) cerebral. So, if you are an overthinker in general, you might find yourself inventing the perpetual motion machine rather than getting things in motion with your partner. Focus, focus. It can make other things exceptionally creative too.

The strain averages about 22% THC. As far as flavonoids, it tastes like other Diesel strains taste (like gas fumes). But it is loaded with super creativity, euphoric and energetic undertones. The hybrid originates from Sour Diesel and Super Silver Haze.

  1. Ultimate Trainwreck

Many people have called Ultimate Trainwreck the best weed to smoke before sex. There is a good reason. The strain creates a body high that is very intense. And that means every sensation is amplified. It’s actually described as ‘surging euphoria.’ Now we’ve got everyone’s attention.

With a large dose of myrcene and pinene, Ultimate Trainwreck is a happy and uplifting strain. However, it has just enough terpinolene to take away the nervousness or anxiety and fully relax. On average, most people that smoke Ultimate Trainwreck are wrecked if they smoke too much. If there are ‘things planned’ for the evening, smoke slowly through foreplay, and toke again when it’s time to brush your teeth before bed.

  1. Jillybean

Creative. Energetic. And really (really) happy. That’s how the Jillybean strain is described. And it packs a lot of punch for a strain that is only 13% THC. It is an Indica hybrid cannabis that has a munchie factor of 9/10.

One of the interesting things about Jillybean weed is that it can have an energetic start and a lethargic finish. You can feel energized and happy, and virtually stress-free. But then, after a couple of hours, you may start to feel drowsy and tired, which is how every Friday night should roll.

  1. Mimosa

Some people have said that Mimosa might be the most romantic strain on the planet. That is ‘high’ praise, but there are some pretty good reasons. This Sativa dominant hybrid was bred by Symbiotic Genetics, crossed from Purple Punch and Clementine.

The bud is very dense and round and olive green in color, with orange hairs. It is also very crystalized, so it’s pretty to look at. Mimosa smells organic floral and forest or woody notes. It is aromatherapeutic with some powerful terpenes.

The psychoactive effects include extreme happiness and cerebral thoughts that are motivating. Focus is high after smoking Mimosa, which is a good thing. So is the extreme tingling sensation that most people get.

If your partner is down to try something new, head to your local dispensary with a list of erogenous weed strains. Do the research before you go, call ahead, or browse the website to find locations that carry the strains you are looking for.

And remember that some of the best sensual strains of weed can also elicit paranoia if you smoke too much. Or consider pairing a light Sativa with an edible for longer-lasting lovemaking.