4 Useful Tools and Services for UNC Charlotte Students


College life is challenging, but having access to useful resources can make everything many times easier for students who want to excel academically without immense stress and headaches. With the help of student resources, you can save time, perform better in school, write better assignments and papers, earn better grades, and have enough energy for a healthy social life. Here are the most useful tools for college students you should start using today. 

4 Best Tools for UNC Charlotte College Students 

If you struggle with any aspect of academic life, our list can help you take back control over your time and activities immediately. 

  1. Essay Writing Help 

When it comes to useful resources for college students, nothing can compare with the benefits of an essay website where you can order any kind of assignment in a matter of minutes. A platform like Paperell.com is one of the top websites that write papers for you whenever you don’t have the time or energy to do it yourself. You can give them your instructions and details such as topic, deadline, and word count, and they can deliver an excellent paper written from scratch in due time. 

If you don’t feel confident in your writing abilities or you need to devote time to other important things in your life, essay websites help you regain the freedom to do what you want. The best part is that, with minimal effort, you will keep your top academic record. The websites also offer samples, paper examples, and other student resources for those who struggle with writing. 

  1. Free Online Editor 

Did you ever spend full days working on a paper but still didn’t earn the grade you thought you deserve? Many intelligent students don’t earn top grades because they are too tired at the last minute and don’t edit their papers properly. Thus they misspell a word or misplace a comma, forgetting that impeccable grammar and punctuation are crucial in college. 

A free online editor like Grammarly is one of the best tools for students to check their papers and essays before submission. The app underlines every grammar mistake and suggests corrections. If you’re in a hurry or uncertain about your grammar, free online editors can be a life-saver. 

  1. Productivity App

In college, your smartphone can be both your friend and your enemy, depending on how you use it. Considering that many students spend hours daily on their phones, ensure that your smartphone becomes your friend and does not make you waste time. In fact, you can turn it into one of the most useful tools in your life if you use it properly. This is where productivity apps come into play. 

Productivity apps can help you track your time, habits, achievements, goals, and deadlines. You can use them to schedule studying time, to track your activities, and to make sure you never lose a deadline again. You can start with a time-tracking app like Pomodoro, which gives you a 5-minute break after 25 minutes of intense study and focus. After four sequences of work, you can take a longer break. The app makes sure you achieve your daily study goals. 

  1. Free Online Courses 

Many students have such a busy schedule that they cannot attend all classes even if they want to. Sometimes, it happens that a professor doesn’t explain a concept with enough details, which can make a student feel insecure about exams and assignments. To avoid this kind of situation, free online courses are wonderful student resources to rely on in times of need. 

On platforms like Coursera, you can find online courses taught by experienced professors and tutors that cover all major topics in any academic discipline. If there’s a subject that poses difficulties to you, you can take an online course to improve your knowledge in an easy and convenient way. With these useful resources, you can rest assured that all your weak spots are covered before the exam. 

From a time-tracking app to a website that writes essays for you, you can find online all the help you need to succeed as a college student. You don’t have to struggle on your own. You have the chance to optimize your activities and reach your maximum potential with the right help.