4 Things To Know Before Moving From Charlotte To Georgia


Looking for a change of pace? Here are a few things to know before you make your move.

Housing Market

In this economy, the housing market is through the roof. That being said, more and more people are moving to Georgia as the year goes on. When looking for a living space, keep an open mind and broaden your search to find a good deal. While a decent commute may be a priority to you, consider that it will cost you greatly. Instead, look for a home a little further out. The commute may be longer, but you will likely find yourself a better rate.

Once you find your new abode, you’ll need help transporting all of your belongings. Professional movers Roswell GA can assist you in relocating across the state. You’ll find the process of moving a lot easier when you don’t bear the load alone. Hiring professionals to help allows you to focus on the other aspects of moving.


Georgia has excellent opportunities to further your education. Several state universities in Georgia rank among the highest in the United States when it comes to the level of quality in education. If your move is a result of a career change or the pursuit of a degree, you may want to consider looking into these universities to see if they would be the right fit for you.

The Georgia Institute of Technology nurtures creative minds in a research-intensive curriculum dedicated to developing next-generation inventions to shape the future. It could be the perfect place for you or a loved one interested in technological advancements to build a foundation surrounded by peers.

Job Opportunities

With job opportunities growing in Georgia, it attracts a lot of attention. Among these growing jobs are government jobs. They provide stability as you adjust to your new surroundings. There are other opportunities in health care that are growing as well. Nurse practitioners are in demand, as well as physical therapists and medical assistants.

Several Fortune 500 companies are in Georgia as well, providing ample opportunity for work and career growth. Among these companies are UPS, the Coca-Cola Company, and Delta Air Lines. There is a wide variety of available employment opportunities waiting to be explored, and you may find your next career among them.


It’s easy to forget that the weather plays a big part in your daily life. So close to Florida, Georgia is prone to experiencing hurricanes throughout the year. However, due to its location, Georgia also benefits from warmer weather year-round. That’s not to say that winter doesn’t pass through, but when it does, it is far less harsh than it is in northern states.

If you’re not a fan of the cold, but you still want the opportunity to see snow and the changing seasons, Georgia may be the perfect place for you to experience both. When the temperature starts to drop, you can always pack your bags and head south to Florida for a quick getaway that will be sure to lift your spirits.


No matter what your reason for moving is, it will benefit you to do your research beforehand. Get to know the area and look for work and other opportunities that will be beneficial for you and your family. Consider what challenges the weather will bring with it as you make your decision to move. Georgia is a beautiful state, thriving with opportunities you shouldn’t let slip by. The convenient location provides you with an impromptu vacation if you find yourself needing a break.