4 Moving and Packing Tips for a Less Stressful Move


The packing, the heavy lifting, and the sheer mayhem that moving ensues make you never want to move. However, whether it’s for a job or personal reasons, almost everyone goes through at least one such experience in their lifetime.

So if you are currently in the process of moving or you hope to do so soon, here are a few tried and tested tips to make things a bit smoother. 

1. Hire a Moving Company

We know, working with a professional mover can be expensive. However, when you draw the line and add the non-monetary costs of stress, strained muscles, and the huge chunk of time that moving takes, you’ll see you can’t afford a DIY move.

Sure, if you don’t have to go too far and have a lot of helpful friends willing to break their back and give up on their free time to help you, then you may be able to pull off a DIY move. However, in any other situation, it’s best to hire a moving company. 

Plus, nowadays you have Agoyu! This is an online platform that allows you to browse movers and compare prices until you find the one that fits your budget and needs.

2. Plan Ahead

When we say plan, we really mean getting pen and paper and making a detailed moving plan that includes costs, a realistic timeline, risks, supplies needed for the job, and more. Once you have the plan in place, separate everything into to-do lists for every member of the family. This way, everyone will get to chip in and the workload will be divided fairly.

Quick tip: install a note app with collaboration features on your phone and keep it handy. As you move through the house, new ideas about the move will pop up. When they do, put them in your phone and share them with everyone else involved in the process.

This way, you remember all your genius ideas and the family has the chance to tell you if they’re dumb or not.

Lastly, as the moving day draws near, create a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. This way, as things get done, you can check them off your list one by one. 

3. Do a Purge

You’ve probably heard this from all your friends who moved before you. The purge means to throw away or donate everything that sits around the current location just because you had the space. 

Clothes, toys, decorative objects, furniture items, anything you don’t really like or use should not be taken to the new location. Try thinking just like a minimalist in order to get rid of everything that clutters your space. 

A good rule of thumb is “if you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it”. Also, if you are the kind of family who stores everything in the garage (or in any other location), we suggest you start there with the purge.

4. Use a Labeling System

Things can get hectic once everything is packed up and loaded into the truck. But if you use a labeling system that’s easy to identify, it will make things simpler at the new location. Our advice is to use colors or numbers to have a clear visual cue of what’s inside a box or container without having to open it. 

This way, you’ll know which box goes where and everything will be distributed without too much back-bending. 

Wrap Up

Yes, moving can be stressful, especially if you are starting a new job as well. 

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Regardless, if you know how to organize everything and take your time, things should go on smoothly.