4 Home Benefits of Using Slipcovers


Homeowners love to improve their homes when they can. They want it to be the most comfortable place in the world for them and their family to spend time.  Slipcovers offer people the ability to personalize their couch, improve comfort level of furniture, and reduce costs by reusing their couch without buying a new one.

Slipcovers are easy to use and install, which makes them popular among people who want furniture makeovers but do not have the time or the money to hire someone else to do it for them.  This guide will show you all of the benefits of using slipcovers in your home.

Your couch can look completely new with slipcovers! (Source) What Are Slip Covers? 

Slipcovers are pieces of material that fit over existing couch cushions like an oversized pillowcase or duster. This does not include couch coverings that go below the couch cushions; those are referred to as “skirt covers”.  These couch coverings do not require a remaking of the couch; they are pulled on and zipped up the couch cushions.  They keep dirt, stains, and pet hair off of furniture while looking attractive themselves. It is possible to get couch slipcovers in a variety of colors and patterns for more options than most couches come with by default. Slip covering your couch adds new style to any room that you put them in, whether it’s your living room or family room.

Do different materials offer different benefits (source) What Are the Benefits of Using Slipcovers? Homeowners use couch covers for various reasons including improving the look of their home furnishings without buying new ones, keeping pets’ fur under control, protecting sofas from damage due to spills or other accidents, and adding new couch material to rooms without investing in entirely new couches.

Protect Sofas from Damage Due To Spills or Accidents 

The most obvious reason for using couch covers is protecting sofas from damage due to spills or accidents. There are some couch slipcovers that have water-resistant properties, which can protect your couch from future spills of nearby glasses of water. It’s best not to test this by purposefully spilling beverages on the couch cover, but it happens often enough that there are couch slipcovers designed to handle that kind of wear. If you have children or pets, then this becomes more important because they are more likely to get food stains on your couch if they eat while watching TV with you. 

Protect Furniture from Spills and Other Accidents

Couch slipcovers help to protect furniture from spills and other accidents. Once couch covers are on the couch, it is less likely that children will accidentally spill their drinks or knock over candles at a dinner party you host.  Pet owners can use couch covers in combination with waterproof couch coverings to keep their couch clean and dry in case of an accident involving the family pet. Avoid Cleaning Soil Off Of Sofa Cushions Permanently

Reduce Costs by Reusing Couch without Buying New One (source) How Much Do They Cost?  

Couch cover prices start around $30 on average and go up from there depending on how many cushions each couch has; these pieces of furniture generally have two or three cushions, but some couch models have four or five.  One couch cover can be as much as $150, but that’s the most expensive option for couch covers that you will find. The average couch slipcover price is closer to $50 or under.

Cushion Covers Options (source) are there Different Types of Couch Slips?  

It used to be difficult for homeowners to choose couch slipcovers because they were only available in one style of material that did not fit all couch models. Today there are many different types of couch slips with options that include pet-friendly couch covers and water-resistant couch slipcovers.

Pet-Friendly Sofa Covers

Many couch owners love their pets so much that they do not want to give them up just because couch covers make pets’ fur more visible. Fortunately, couch slipcovers exist that allow you to keep your couch and still prevent pet’s fur from sticking on the couch cushion or sofa back. Some couch owners like to use couch covers even if they do not have pets because it will reduce shedding and damage due to accidents. 

Water-Resistant Couch Covers

Similar to couch slipcovers for pets, there are some couch covers that come with water-resistant properties so you won’t need as many couch cushions near beverages as before. Most people use these slips when they want to prevent accidental spills on their couch, but sometimes homeowners buy them just in case something goes wrong during dinner parties where guests bring wine or other alcoholic drinks with them.


As couch covers become more popular, homeowners will begin to see them as something that can help you avoid buying new couches. That is one of the biggest reasons why so many people purchase couch slipcovers today because they want something stylish and comfortable without having to spend a lot of money.