3 Tips to Make Your Move to Charlotte More Affordable


You’ve just found a beautiful place in Charlotte, and you can’t wait to make the move. But whether you’re coming from across North Caroline or from across the country, moving can get expensive and present unexpected costs. 

That’s why we’ve compiled a few tips so that you can limit the financial burden of entering this new chapter of your life. Use these to keep your big move affordable while still being as stress-free as possible. 

1. Consider a Moving Company

When you think about how to move while keeping things affordable, the DIY option often comes to mind. However, there are unexpected costs when doing DIY in addition to the extra stress. There is insurance to consider, gas for the truck, the tools you need to keep your belongings safe (which can become quite the investment), and hidden fees from truck rental companies. 

Professional movers may be the far more affordable option depending on your situation. You only pay their fees, and they have all the resources at their disposal. This is especially important for long-distance moves. So, for example, if you’re coming from Illinois to Charlotte, movers Elgin, IL can cover everything without you lifting a finger while offering a quote upfront for you to consider and determine whether it fits your budget. 

Professional movers are especially important when you consider that your belongings are insured. If you damage your belongings during a DIY move, you’re left with the expense of replacing them. But with professional movers, you can replace everything without spending another fortune. 

If you’re unsure about using a moving company, you can always choose a hybrid option. There are choices where you can pack your boxes, and a company will come in and lift the furniture and pre-packed boxes. This may be the cheaper alternative depending on the company and your access to affordable packing supplies. 

2. Declutter First

The average American spends about $90 per month on storage solutions. And while these storage solutions may hold valuable items, they often just hide our clutter. And between the unnecessary stuff you have in storage and around your home, it could all add unexpected costs to your move. 

One of the best ways to cut back on the cost of your move is to eliminate the clutter from your life. This saves you money from paying for extra packing boxes (and the time packing). This all means you could end up renting a much smaller vehicle for your move. 

The best advice is to declutter before you even put your house on the market. Clutter is the bain of our lives and holds us back at every moment. Not only will it increase the cost of moving, but clutter is terrible for your health. Your wallet and mental health will thank you for clearing it out. 

3. Organize Your Boxes with Label

Especially if you DIY the unpacking process, labeling your boxes is crucial. This may seem like a tip for general best practices for staying organized, but this could save you money. 

Getting everything sorted adequately will take some time when you arrive at your new home. But your boxes contain crucial supplies that you’ve gathered over the years. If you need something you can’t find, you may find yourself going out to buy a replacement. 

But if you label things properly and keep what should be together in the same place (for example, kitchen supplies with kitchen supplies), you can more easily find what you need and avoid duplicating it in your home. 

Pack Up Your Troubles

Moving can be a financial strain, but you can ease it. Keep in mind these three top tips for cutting back on costs. With labeled and organized boxes, the right plan for your situation, and less clutter, you’re ready to go.