3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs Custom Corporate Pins


Corporate pins are probably one of the most affordable -and convenient- types of branded merchandise you can find. Any respectable business comes out with at least one different type of corporate pin a year – why? And why should you? 

These are questions we’ll answer in this article. You’ll find out the 3 top reasons why these businesses do it, and why you need to do it, too. 

Benefits of Using Custom Corporate Pins

#1: Instant Recognizability 

If you want people to be able to immediately recognize your logo, your business’ colors, or even its slogan, all you need are a bunch of corporate pins. Pins create a sort of domino effect where you give them out to employees and already existing customers (people you don’t really need to promote your business to in the first place) and by the simple act of them wearing it, you are reaching whoever else they interact with in their daily lives. 

Pins get put on clothing and stay there forever. They get sold, lost, and end up in the hands of other people. This is an almost poetic way of making yourself visible to more people. People will see your logo, and immediately recognize it when they encounter it in real life. And that’s invaluable. 

#2: To boost morale 

Polls repeatedly show that businesses that hand out branded merchandise to its employees enjoy higher morale and increased productivity in the workplace. This is probably particularly true with corporate pins, which can be customized to mark milestones. Employee of the month pins are wildly popular. 

In the same manner, using pins to mark special occasions for your business, such as anniversaries and other similar hallmarks, are a sure way to let your employees know you care about them and are deeply invested in your business. 

#3: To promote your business 

All branded merchandise is a powerful promotion tool. Custom corporate pins, aside from boosting morale and aiding in achieving instant recognizability, are a great way to promote your business. 

Pins are affordable, small items that are easily transportable. This makes them the ideal branded merch item for you to give out at all sorts of events. 

This simple strategy of giving out branded merch at local events to promote your business is a very old one. And people keep doing it for one very simple reason: it works. 

Corporate pins are easy to use, people can simply pin it on their clothes as soon as they get them – it’s not like T-shirts or other types of clothing. People don’t think twice about pins: they take them. That’s powerful. 


Custom corporate pins: a very old strategy that has served countless businesses in promoting themselves, boosting morale, and most importantly in being instantly recognized by their logo, colors, and so on. The same way that anyone in the world can recognize the McDonald’s logo immediately, that should be one of your primary goals. And custom corporate pins are just the way to do that.