3 Mysterious ‘Devil Dogs’ Discovered and Killed In Recent North Carolina Hunt


During this year’s annual Carolina Coyote Classic coyote hunting tournament, a few extremely rare black coyote “devil dogs” were found just outside of Charlotte.

According to organizers, over 100 hunters participated in this year’s tournament, bringing in a total of 149 coyotes (almost tripling last year’s total of 51), including 3 of the extremely rare black coyotes.

The first place winners this year got a total of 17 coyotes – 2 of them were the infamous “devil dogs”;

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, black coyotes are a very uncommon mix between wild coyotes and domestic dogs.

“The black color comes from dog genes that moved into the coyote population through some hybridization event 50 years ago,” says Candid Critters on Facebook. “Coyotes aren’t known to hybridize with dogs today, but still carry the genetic legacy of this historic cross breeding.”

Black coyotes are typically larger, more aggressive, and have a much stronger bite than purebred coyotes.

This video shows how much more aggressive black coyotes can be from regular coyotes;

Coyotes are considered a dangerous invasive species in North Carolina and their population has been continuing to increase around our area.

We recently reported about a coyote attacking a 7-year-old girl, a pack of coyotes killing a man’s 2 dogs in the front yard of his Iredell County home, and a German Shepherd therapy dog being attacked by a pack of coyotes in Weddington.

Since coyotes are not a native animal, they can be hunted year-round, even at night using flashlights – they can also be legally trapped from Nov. 1 to Feb. 28.

Some residents are now equipping their yards with flashing light coyote deterrents, and ultrasonic pest repellers, both of which work on solar power and are motion sensitive.

Officials with the animal control recommend:

▪ Keeping your yard free of any garbage or lingering food smells.

▪ Keep dogs on leashes when walking them, as coyotes are much less likely to approach if a person is nearby.

▪ Look around your backyard for the animals before you let the dogs out.

▪ If you encounter a coyote, back away slowly while yelling and waving your arms. Don’t run.

▪ Call 911 if you are being threatened by coyotes or other animals.

Have you seen any coyotes around your property?