3 Men Turn Themselves In For The CIAA Shooting In Uptown Charlotte


shots-fired-in-uptown-charlotteDuring this past February’s CIAA tournament we reported on a gunfight that broke out between 2 rappers in Uptown Charlotte. It’s now estimated that over 100 shots were fired, hitting buildings and vehicles all around the 600 block of North Caldwell Street.

Yesterday morning 27-year-old Memphis rapper Sammie Benson, aka ‘Blac Youngsta’, and two of his friends, 23-year-old Fredrick Black and 21-year-old Antavius Gardner, turned themselves in to Charlotte authorities in connection with the shooting.

His attorney told WSOC that they were turning themselves in because police found a van that was involved in the shooting, which was rented by Benson. According to the attorney, Benson claims the van was stolen from him the night of the shooting.

“I’m innocent, I ain’t fire nothing, I don’t know nothing, I didn’t see nothing, I didn’t do nothing,” Benson commented while turning himself in with his friends and attorney at his side.


The three men are now being charged with 6 counts of discharging a weapon into an occupied property and felony conspiracy.

A Charlotte judge is now expected to hear their case today.