3 Famous YouTube Online Downloaders


Downloading YouTube videos online started sometimes around 2005 with just a single downloader. Fifteen years after, the number of online YouTube downloaders is more than fifty. This is a testament to the huge investments and developments that have gone into the sector. These YouTube downloaders, in a bid to out-do each other, keep investing in the improvement of their websites, which is a joy for internet users because the task of downloading will continues to get easier day by day.

Sometimes you begin to wonder how these online downloaders make their money because a lot of them do not charge any fee for downloading. The answer that usually follows such thought is that there cannot be an increase and sustenance of the platforms for the years; some of them have been existing if there is no way they are making their money.

If you look at it from the business side, allowing internet users to download YouTube videos for free makes sense because it will serve as an avenue to draw the attention of internet users to the website. When the website becomes known globally, then other things like making profits can follow.

We must say we are impressed with these websites we are about to mention because, for all the popularity they have gotten all over the years, they still allow internet users to download YouTube videos for free.

  • 4k YouTube Online Downloader
  • Flvto YouTube Online Downloader
  • Ontiva YouTube Online Downloader
  • 4k YouTube Online Downloader

4K YouTube Online Downloader is a downloader that has been around for six years. It was launched in 2014. Although it is not free in its entirety because it has a premium version, there is a free version that functions perfectly. It works perfectly on some of the best- operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Android. 4K YouTube Online Downloader is available in English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, Dutch, Hungarian, Finnish, Czech, Polish, Estonian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. It was developed by a company known as Open Media LLC.

4k YouTube Online Downloader allows the user to download videos, audios, subtitles, and playlists from YouTube and other video-sharing websites. 4k YouTube downloader also makes backups of pictures of Instagram photos on your device. All these can be done instantly without registration.

How To Download A YouTube Video Using 4K Downloader

  • Copy the URL link of the video you want to download from the address bar
  • Paste it in the text box of 4K YouTube Online Downloader
  • Select a format you deem appropriate 
  • Click convert
  • Then click download to have the video saved to your device
  • Flvto Online YouTube Downloader

Flvto Online YouTube Downloader was launched in 2007, which means it has been around for thirteen years. It was developed by a company in San Francisco, California. Flvto Online YouTube Downloader can download multiple videos. It can queue up to ninety-nine videos at once. It is compatible with Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. Getvideo Flvto YouTube Online Downloader is available in English, French, Deutsch, Italian, Spanish, Indonesian, Portuguese, Slovensky, Ceska, Magyar, Norse, Polskie, and Roman.

Flvto YouTube online downloader is very fast. It has a nice graphical interface, which makes the website easy to navigate. Flvto YouTube Online Downloader does not have a premium version like the 4K YouTube Online Downloader and mp4 converter. All downloading is free on Flvto YouTube Online Downloader. You do not have to register before you can use Flvto YouTube Downloader to download YouTube videos.

Flvto YouTube Online Downloader also has five similar steps with 4K YouTube Online Downloader. Therefore, our readers should follow the steps of converting and downloading with 4K YouTube Online Downloader when they want to download YouTube videos with Flvto Online YouTube Downloader.

  • Ontiva YouTube Online Downloader

Ontiva has been around for some while, but it is like a new YouTube converter downloader when you compare it to 4K YouTube Online Downloader and Flvto YouTube Online Downloader. Ontiva YouTube Online Downloader is available in English, French, Deutsch, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, and Indonesian. In terms of affordability, Ontiva YouTube Online Downloader is similar to Flvto YouTube Online Downloader because it does not also have any premium version. All downloading is done for free on Increditools. Ontiva YouTube Online Downloader can download YouTube videos for users without restriction. Their watchword is ‘we want you to start and never stop.’ 

Ontiva YouTube Online mp3 Downloader is one of the fastest YouTube Downloaders in the world. Its speed is one of the reasons internet users widely use it. Furthermore, no form of registration is required to use Ontiva YouTube Online Downloader for downloading YouTube videos.

Once again, we want to tell our readers to refer to the steps of downloading videos with 4K YouTube Online Downloader when they want to download YouTube videos using Ontiva YouTube Online Downloader.