3 Earthquakes Just Rocked North Carolina Between Charlotte and Tennessee Border


3 Earthquakes just shook North Carolina halfway between Charlotte and the Tennessee boarder, according to the USGA. The largest of the 3 quakes had a magnitude of 2.3 and was rated as a 3 by the USGA’s user submitted ‘felt report’.

The most recent of the 3 quakes occurred last night at 10:11 pm, with a magnitude of 2.1 and an epicenter of 35.292°N 82.513°W (just south of Hendersonville, NC and about 80 miles west of Charlotte).

Earthquakes have been increasing in frequency around the Charlotte region over the past few years. Last year, we saw a 4.4 magnitude quake hit Decatur, TN, and a couple months ago, a 2.6 magnitude quake rocked a small town just north of Charlotte.

The Carolinas have been known to experience the occasional damage-causing earthquakes.

According to USGS.gov, “The largest earthquake in the area (magnitude 5.1) occurred in 1916. Moderately damaging earthquakes strike the inland Carolinas every few decades, and smaller earthquakes are felt about once each year or two.”

Did you feel last night’s quake?