3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts of Using Vinyl Stickers for Cars


Vinyl stickers online have always been great tools for livening up blank spaces and personalizing different items. Many people attach vinyl stickers to their laptops, glassware, walls, refrigerators, etc., to make them look more appealing. But, can users attach these stickers to their cars? Yes. Vinyl stickers look amazing on car surfaces. Contrary to popular belief, vinyl decals don’t damage the car’s exterior paint or its windows.

Users can attach and peel off these stickers without causing any damage to their cars’ surfaces. The best stickers for cars are also designed to be long-lasting. You can expose your custom-printed stickers to the elements for long periods without worrying about their durability. When they get sun-faded or damaged, replacing them doesn’t cost much as vinyl stickers are very affordable. 

In a recent survey, over 60% of car owners claimed they have successfully used custom-printed stickers on their cars. They use these stickers to give their cars a “personal touch” and make statements about themselves, their interests, and values. Can you use custom-printed car stickers safely and successfully to do the same? Yes, but it’s vital that you follow these three dos’ and three don’ts –

The 3 Do’s of Using Custom-Printed Car Stickers

  1. Do: Wash the stickers regularly to keep the graphics intact. If you wash your vinyl stickers regularly by hand, they won’t fade or lose their aesthetic appeal. Just use a sponge to apply water and mild detergents on these stickers. Rinse off all debris after handwashing them. Make sure the detergents are non-acidic. Acidic or chemically laced cleaning products can bleach or smear your custom-printed stickers.
  2. Do: Apply polishes or coatings on your vinyl stickers. These coatings will give your stickers added layers of protection against air pollution, water damage, and sunlight damage.
  3. Do: Use your custom stickers alternatively. These stickers are relatively cheap. Users can order hundreds of these custom stickers without spending too much money. Use different stickers on different days. Store the stickers that are not being used indoors whenever possible. Use the custom stickers whenever you want. But, protecting the graphics from long periods of sun exposure and air pollutants is also vital.

The 3 Don’ts of Using Custom-Printed Car Stickers

  1. Don’t: Apply abrasive polishes, cleaning products, or cutting compounds on your vinyl stickers. Those products will completely ruin the graphics on your stickers.
  2. Don’t: Delay cleaning. If there’s a drop of fuel or bird droppings, or other pollutants on your stickers, clean them up instantly. The longer these contaminants sit on the graphics of your vinyl stickers, the more damage they cause. Always look for such dirty spots on your stickers. Whenever you see them, clean them with lukewarm water and organic cleaning products.
  3. Don’t: Pressure wash your vehicle that is covered with custom stickers. Avoid sending these cars to automated car washes. In such facilities, pressure washers are used on the cars’ surfaces. The water pressure may cause the edges of your custom stickers to peel.

Ready to use custom-printed vinyl stickers on your cars? Follow these three dos’ and three don’ts, and you’ll be fine!