3 best garden fertilizer in 2019


Many people advise beginners to stay clear from fertilizers and let plants grow by themselves. However, many of the agricultural and ornamental plants that are not native in the United States. As such, they do not get the same amount of nutrients that they require in their native land in the North American soil. Additionally, professional blended fertilizers are accurately measured for your plant use. Therefore, unforeseen mistakes with chemical reactions and malnutrition are prevented by buying reputable brands of fertilizers. For the beginner gardeners, there is definitely a need to learn more about fertilizers before you pick up your tools and start gardening

Three elements from the periodic table are required to ensure firm roots and vibrant, high yielding flowers in your plants. These elements are Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). These three basic elements are usually advertised in many fertilizer packaging as NPK.

When planted outdoors, plants can be given a 20% balance of phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen once they start developing leaves. For crops that were grown indoors, this formula must be minimized to one-fourth or one-half of strength since this result to droopy leaves due to shock in full force of nutrients. Unlike plants that are growing outdoors, indoor ones should be fed with fertilizers at least twice a week while watering them. Crops planted outside can get their nutrients from the air and from the ground so they need fewer attention in terms of fertilizer use.

To help you choose the best fertilizers for 2019, we brought together the in-house experts from Weekend Gardener, and asked them what would be for them are the 3 best fertilizers in 2019. We hope that through this review, we can guide you to find the most suitable choice for you and your plants. 

A word of caution; please remember to avoid fertilizers that are being sold as “slow-release”  “extended.” These types of fertilizers are great for hardy plants, but they can cause various types of health issues in your ornamental plant. They can easily destroy your plants, causing wilting and destruction of the root systems. Many ornamental and agricultural crops are delicate. Because they are not native in the United States, American growers are faced with constant risks of losing their crops due to various reasons.

As promised, we have listed the best of the highest-rated fertilizers in the year 2019. So without further ado, please see below the 3 best fertilizer in 2019:

#1 Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow

Advanced Nutrients Bloom, Micro & Grow is the ultimate 3-part nutrients formula that comes in a combo pack. It is complete fertilizer for your plants providing optimal nutrients for every stage of growth and developments of your crops. This fertilizer was developed to keep the pH level of the soil at the optimum level. As you water the plant, this fertilizer activates and create a balanced pH 4.5 to 8.5 for your plants. This fertilizer has been perfectly formulated that you will not need to check your soil’s pH level constantly. As a result, crops maintain their extensive root systems. It also results in thicker stems, bigger leaves and massive blooms.

#2 Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient: Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom 

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient: Big Bloom, Grow Big & Tiger Bloom is another top-notch 3-part fertilizer. This is great for indoor crops because this fertilizer was especially designed for both soil and hydroponic use. This means this formula can be directly added, with the right measurement, to the water of hydroponic gardens. This brand of fertilizer is not very difficult to find. While some may opt to buy them online, you can easily grab this at the nearest supermarket or grocery store.

#3 General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box

The General Hydroponics General Organics Go Box is another fertilizer brand that can be used for hydroponic gardening of plants. It is a great fertilizer for plants that are just starting to grow. This is great for beginners because it is very consistent and provided all the nutrients needed by a plant.

Yes, it is true that creating your own organic fertilizer is an excellent way to cultivate your crops. However, the fertilizers mentioned above are formulated accurately to provide your crops all the nutrients they need. Fertilizer is important in your plants’ growth. This is especially true for crops that are grown indoors because the crops have no room to spread out their root system to get the optimum nutrients for their growth. As well, for many beginners and amateur growers, using these fertilizers provide an affordable way to cultivate plants.