3 Benefits of the Hormone Testosterone for Men


Testosterone, which is produced in male testicles, is beneficial for men’s growth and their masculine attributes. Did you know that the production of the male hormones is approximately 30 times greater during puberty and early adulthood? When you cross 30, there might be a one percent drop of testosterone in your body. 

According to an article published on Bbc.com, the correct type of exercise and diet are essential but rectifying hormonal insufficiencies is imperative for the proper growth and development of masculine traits. Here are the three benefits of testosterone for men: 

  1. Strong bones and muscles

Did you know that testosterone plays a pivotal role in maintaining the mineral density of your bones? The density of bones drops as men age and hormone level dips as well. It makes your bones weak and increases the risks associated with osteoporosis. When you have the right testosterone level, you gain strong bones and muscles as well as internal organs to boost your athletic performance. 

Studies indicate that bone density improves with testosterone treatment provided you have the right dosage. As far as clinical trials are concerned, especially, on the impact of the hormone on bone density, it was found that there is an increase in hipbone and spinal bone density. Testosterone also minimizes the risks associated with a bone fracture. 

With testosterone treatment, you will gain more muscle mass. Men who have a leaner physique control their weight better and have more energy than males who are obese. Hormonal therapies, especially when it comes to testosterone, make your muscles strong. 

  1. Improved male sex drive 

The levels of testosterone increase naturally, with the rise in the response of male sexual activity and stimulation. Men who have more testosterone levels have a higher sex drive and urge for intercourse. Then, as men age, they need more of this hormone for improved libido and penile erection. You can consult with Spartan Medical Associates if you want to improve your sex drive and perform better in bed with hormone replacement treatment. Men who have hypogonadism, boosting testosterone levels will not help their libido. 

  1. Good heart health 

When you have a healthy heart, it pumps blood to your body, thus providing your organs and muscles the required oxygen for the best performance. Testosterone also helps in the production of red blood cells or RBCs via the bone marrow. Then, if you have poor levels of this hormone, it could result in many heart-related health problems.

Studies indicate that men with cardiovascular conditions, who undergone testosterone treatment showed little improvements. Few of them were able to boost their walking performance by 33 percent. Another study showed that hormone treatment helped in widening the healthy arteries in men but had no impact on angina pain. 

Again, a recent study on 83,000 men showed that whose testosterone levels reverted to normal were 24 percent less likely to develop cardiovascular conditions like heart attack and 36 percent less probable to have a stroke. 


Hormonal treatment and the right testosterone levels in men improve heart health, enhance their sex drive, and make their bones and muscles stronger.