2021 Software Toolkit For Small Business Owners


Ideating, planning, and running a small business is no joke. It takes a lot of patience, hard work, time, and effort to make sure that you start on the right note. 

When things are not organized, the chances of the business failing are enormous. The more chaotic your situation is, the more derailed you will feel, and the less productivity you will ooze. Thus, it is important that when you start a small business, you have all your plans ready and you are ready with the complete toolkit. 

It’s true that not every small business has enough money to invest in expensive tools. You really don’t have to. There are free or open-source digital tools available in the market that you can choose from. 

Just start with these tools, learn and practice how to stay productive, and simply scale up when you believe it’s time to find a better version. This way, you’ll always be able to try out the product before actually spending money on it and figure out if it is actually worth it or not. 

In this article, you can learn about everything that should be included in your toolkit in 2021. 

  • Project management software 

The first comes project management tools that you will need to manage the multiple projects that you pick when you are starting out. Without proper planning, neither will you be able to help out your client nor will you be able to do something good for yourself. 

With a project management tool, you can divide a complex task into smaller chunks and assign each task as per the ability or strengths of your employees. This way, you will know that quality work will be delivered on time. 

Moreover, with the tool, it’s easier for you to make sure that your employees are getting the work assigned on time. 

  • Time tracker 

Time. It is an element that is never enough. With a time tracker, however, you can tackle time management issues. 

It is a digital tool that allows you to figure out how much time a task takes for you to complete. It is also a tool where you can measure the log-in and log-out times of your employees. 

When you are a new and small business, these small things do matter. You don’t want to underpay your employee but you also don’t want to overpay. With the reports from the time tracker, you can easily find the accurate hours and overtime. 

  • Communication tools 

Communication is the key to success, hands down. When there is a lack of communication, the chances of your business failing increase. Your employees will not be properly communicated the task they are expected to do. 

When they are not clear about their responsibilities or they don’t have someone to solve their queries in real-time, the progress slows down. 

This is where the need to invest in communication tools arises. With such tools, you can make sure that your employees are always connected with each other as well as their seniors, be it individually or in a group. 

  • Social media content creation tools 

Once you have the idea and plan ready, and your business is all set to take off, then comes the time to make yourself visible in front of your target audience. 

Marketing places a significant role in the success of your organization and it should thus be taken seriously. Today, in the world of digitalization, social media is the buzzword for all marketers. 

You can find people from every generation, spread all across the globe on social media. Hence, it is important for you to create and offer content that outshines your competition. 

There are many tools available that do not require you to be a coder or graphic designer in order to create content. You can always use the pre-made templates, add your content, and use those posts to attract the audience. 

At the optimum performance, Twitter can be used to increase sales, improve brand recognition as well as customer service. If you are looking to give a boost to the customer service and gain insights about the followers Commun.it is a great tool. It allows to review all the conversations in one place, find out information about the engagement of the followers and send thanking notes and other messages to them. Nonetheless, if you opt to automate the posts and make Tweeter account usage easier, then such a tool as Hypefury is the ultimate resort. As far as the posts and threads are an important part of the Twitter content, Hypefury helps to schedule unlimited tweets and threads, as well as reschedule the ones that have high engagement and much more. You can also automate a lot of other things with this Twitter scheduling tool that makes managing your account much easier.


It can be said that advancement in technology has been good to the corporate world. With the right toolkit, you will be geared up for whatever is coming next.