2 Panthers Free Agency Picks Named Among Top 10 Worst Free Agency Picks In The NFL


Last week the Carolina Panthers signed several free agents for the upcoming season and their first 2 picks are now landing General manager Scott Fitterer in hot water.

USA Today’s Doug Farrar did an extensive review of all of the free agency picks by every NFL team last week and named the Panthers’ first picks among the worst in the league.

The list includes a total of 10 names and Carolina is the only team in the NFL to earn 2 spots on the list.

Farrar noted that Elflein has a clear record of struggling to defend the passer for both the Vikings and the Jets, and that “he will need to vastly improve on last year’s performance to make this a worthwhile investment for the Carolina Panthers.”

In listing Erving, Farrar said it was basically a waste, saying; “neither the tape nor the metrics point to this as anything but a throwaway deal.”

According to the Panthers, however, “Elflein and Erving give the Panthers experienced options who check many of the boxes (coach) Rhule likes in players.”

28-year-old Erving can play 5 positions, having been positioned at swing tackle for the Cowboys, and center and guard for the Browns and Chiefs.

The Panthers also note that Elflein can also play multiple positions, including starting guard and middle cover.

What do you think about the Panthers’ decisions to sign Erving and Elflein?