11-Year-Old SC Boy Pulled Over After Driving 200 Miles To Meet Older Man From Snapchat


An 11-year-old boy was just picked up by Charleston Police after officers spotted him driving alone in a car in downtown Charleston.

CPD Officer Christopher Braun pulled the pre-teen over late last night at around 12:30am on Rutledge Ave. The boy told the officer that he drove his brother’s car down from Simpsonville, SC to meet an older man that he met on Snapchat.

The drive from Simpsonville to Charleston is about 200 miles and takes roughly 3 hours;

The boy also told police that he became lost after his dad’s tablet lost the GPS signal to the address and that he was unable to find it again on Snapchat because it was already read (the social media service automatically deletes messages once they are read).

Officers called the boy’s father and discovered he was about to file a missing-person’s report with Simpsonville Police.

The boy’s father and brother drove down to Charleston to pick up the boy.

Charleston Police are currently analyzing the tablet in an attempt to find the man the boy was trying to meet.