11 Places In Charlotte City To Impress Your Non-Resident Beloved One


Charlotte is a magnificent city in North Carolina. Despite some of the negative depictions of the town in the media, it is still one of the best places to live. Charlotte is also a cultural hub depicting the ‘South’ through different generations.

But why choose Charlotte as a travel destination? 

Here is the thing: if you find a bride who is not a resident of the city, they’ll definitely enjoy staying in Charlotte. For starters, the town has a large expanse of historical monuments and museums. Secondly, the streets are less crowded compared to the more tourist-infested megapolises.

So, let’s check out some of the top Charlotte destinations you can visit with your non-resident partner.

Levine Museum of the New South

Nothing takes you through North Carolina’s fun-packed history better than this museum. Entering this building gives you an eerie sense of resilience, struggle, and evolution that the city of Charlotte has witnessed.

Tourists always marvel at the various articles and depictions of the post-Civil War South of the United States, specifically Charlotte. This is the perfect destination for you if you are traveling with mail order wives interested in history.

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art

This museum contains some of the most famous masterpieces from artists of the 1900s, including Picasso. Check the website to see if you can buy wife a ticket to a jazz night. You can also get a dose of various modern art pieces and take a break from the cliche museum pieces.

NASCAR Hall of Fame

This picturesque building, located uptown, is home to the best NASCAR has to offer throughout its history. Mail order brides with great taste in race cars will definitely enjoy this venue. Moreover, your partner doesn’t even need to be a racing enthusiast to have fun. Standing within the walls of this building brings about an aura of history and greatness. You can also try out the race simulator for a dose of adrenaline.

Freedom Park

This park captures the entire essence of Charlotte — simple, laidback, and peaceful. The 100+ acres of green is a great venue to spend a chill evening with your spouse. There are also various sporting activities for everyone. 

You can also plan and pack a picnic basket with a cozy blanket during the cold days. The artificial lake and water fountains provide a refreshing essence — the perfect escape from the hectic city life. And if you are lucky, you might even run into a concert or performance.


If you find old bridges, museums, and waterfalls a bit boring, the city of Charlotte has you covered. Head down to Paramount Carowinds — the thrill capital of the Southeast. 

The Carowinds is your first stump for a proper adrenaline rush. Hop on the roller coaster or the aptly-named 325-ft Fury 325. You can also get a bit wet on the various water rides.

Whitewater Center

The US National Whitewater Center will take the adrenaline rush to a different level. This venue is perfect for couples and groups that wish to get wet and navigate rough waters (literally). Strap on your life vests, pick up your saddles and navigate the human-made rapids with your spouse. You can also go kayaking or canoeing on less-turbulent waters.

Billy Graham Library

If you have a partner with religious interests, visiting the evangelist and television icon’s library is always a great idea. Visitors are blessed with presentations and memorabilia of Billy Graham’s personal and religious life.

Carolinas Aviation Museum

Aviation geeks and casual history buffs will find this museum quite interesting. This venue contains prototypes and out-of-service versions of aircraft. You can also see some of the world-famous military aircraft like the Super Tomcat. 

DefyGravity Charlotte

Visitors can literally ‘defy gravity’ in this recreational center. Take the edge off by taking several joyous leaps from a trampoline onto the piles of soft cubes for a low price. You can also play dodgeball with other couples and groups.

Carolina History and Haunts

Confront ghosts of the past with your spouse clutching your elbow for refuge. This tour can be enjoyed by two people but is always better in groups because of the collective experience. Note that the entire 90-minute tour features no bathroom breaks. So, don’t drink a lot of wine prior.

Bulldog Beer and Wine

No place is better than the Bulldog Beer and Wine spot in Charlotte when it comes to wine. What is better than petting bulldog puppies with one hand while sipping freshly brewed wine with the other? And this is not one of the crowded spots that take ages to get a reservation. Book a table ahead for a fun evening with your spouse, and enjoy a wonderful wine-tasting experience.

In general, Charlotte is quite a fun place to visit. The city is magnificent, peaceful, and hospitable. There are fun activities for everyone — fast-paced or laidback. Start planning your trip right away to get the best out of your trip to Queen City.