10 Ways to Spice Up Your Fall Wardrobe


Fall has it all. Hot days at the start and cool nights as winter approaches. School starts, business ramps up, and the holiday season kicks in–what’s not to love?

Maybe the best part is pulling out all the garments we’ve stuffed in our closet for the summer. Few seasons offer the versatility of fall weather, letting you wear everything from a short corset dress to chunky cable sweaters and slacks.

The possibilities to express yourself and spice it up in the fall are endless, so let’s get started.

1. Knitwear

Although we love an oversized sweater, knitwear is not just for the dead of winter. Even on the warm days of September, knit pieces have their place. 

Knitwear can help elevate an outfit. Layering an argyle knitwear vest or a classic dad sweater can add a touch of scholarly sophistication to an outfit. A knit skirt, dress, or crop top can help cultivate a playful energy and add texture to your overall look. 

2. Go Grunge

Grunge is back in a major way. But you don’t have to be from Seattle to channel the curated carelessness of Nirvana and Hole. Wear a plaid flannel over a graphic tee and ripped denim to embody the iconic look of the early 90s. 

Or you can channel the dark and wild energy of Courtney Love. In a slip dress with undone hair, she toed the line of falling apart completely but still aspirationally fashionable. 

Combine chunky boots with a short corset dress to nail her casual cool.

3. Layer Up

What’s not to love about fall fashion? It’s the season when we get to show off our layers before they get crushed under big winter jackets. And the options are truly endless.

To make things more formal, a blazer is a time-tested favorite. For an updated twist on the classic, wear a crop top under an oversized blazer with wide-leg trousers. Or, for a fall look that gives refined preppy vibes, rock a sweater vest over a blouse.

4. Play with Textures

Texture can make an average outfit pop into something unique, especially if you are sticking with a monochromatic palette. In this case, it’s all about texture, and you can get creative as you want to make your personality shine. 

The easiest way to achieve this effect is by wearing pieces that are visibly made from different materials. That short corset dress might be lightweight, while other pieces could be heavier or more durable for contrast and comfort.

Find combinations of denim, corduroy, silk, satin, faux leather, and knitwear to make a dynamic outfit that speaks to your authentic self.

5. Rock a Hoodie

Hoodies are an all-time fall favorite, offering a relaxed feel like no other garment. Whether lounging in the comfort of your home, sitting in the classroom, or making a fashion statement, the hoodie has evolved far beyond gym wear.

For a utilitarian look that you can wear anywhere, pair a hoodie with your go-to jeans and sneakers. Or, if you want to take it to the next level, wear a one-piece hoodie dress (yes, they exist.

6. Go for 90s Comfort

With colder days coming, you may not need to make a statement with every fit. Sometimes you just wish to channel cozy vibes and make comfort number one.

Kurt Cobain is a style icon when it comes to 90s grunge, and relaxed fits reign supreme. When it comes to nailing this look, think oversized. Big cardigans, drop-shoulder sweaters, too-long flannels. Paired with sneakers and shredded denim, you really can’t go wrong.

7. Barbiecore

Your fall wardrobe doesn’t just have to be centered around earth tones and muted color palettes. As the days get colder and darker, step into your power and be as bold as you want to be.

Barbiecore is all about announcing yourself and not being afraid to stand out. Pair an oversized pink sweater with pink corduroys for a textured monochromatic outfit that strikes that balance of sweetness and attitude. This is your chance to wear a short corset dress and turn some heads before bundling up for winter.

8. Denim on Denim

Denim never goes out of style. What better way to double down on the monochrome obsession than going denim on denim?

When starting off with the Canadian tuxedo, choose similar washes: indigo on indigo, black on black. Wearing neutral basics underneath can make this classic outfit shine.

9. Midi Dress

The midi dress is a must-have in your wardrobe rotation this season. Right in that middle ground between a maxi and a mini dress, a midi is ideal for the change of weather. Think of that short corset dress you love and just find something a bit longer.

For a night out, satin and velvet can give your look elevation and elegance. For more everyday vibes, you can style a floral midi dress with a cardigan or blazer. 

10. Crop Top

This transitional season starts with the last of the summer days before taking a turn into the worst of winter. This means you can still embrace the last of the summer vibes while temperatures are still moderate.

With the Y2K craze coming back, the versatile crop top is everywhere. There’s no way to shout body confidence like wearing a crop top simply with jeans or a skirt. 

For a more modest look, a crop top can create layers under a jacket or be worn over a sweater.


Whether you want to keep it simple and comfy, or make your presence known with statement fits, fall is your season to shine. Put these tips into action and make it happen.