10 Interesting Things about Charlotte, NC


Charlotte is a place of friends. Friends that make you feel like home. People of Charlotte are well celebrated for their hospitality, love, culture and amiability. 

It is stationed in North Carolina and is famed for various reasons. From population to historical events, Charlotte is a place full of magic. It has also made its mark in real estate and is making its way to the heights of success. 

We bring you ten stimulating facts about Charlotte, NC that will leave you wide-eyed. Let’s explore these details below. 

  • The First Gold Hit-On of the US

In layman term, the first gold nugget of United States was unearthed in Charlotte, North Carolina by a twelve y/o youth in 1799. Consequently, a second nugget was exhumed in 1803 ushering the resident farmers to search their lands in pursuit of gold in the local river bottom. 

The spot where the first nugget was discovered, Reed Gold Mine, serves as a historical monument today open for general public to visit and carve out gemstones for themselves. 

  • Home to Hollywood

Charlotte retains an important place in the heart of its dwellers for it is not only an irrefutably outstanding metropolitan but is also home to various Hollywood hits. These include The Hunger Games, Days of Thunder, Sully, Shallow Hal and Talladega Nights. 

TV serials like Banshee, Homeland and The Bachelorettes were also aired in Charlotte. 

  • The Largest City of US with Zero Zoos

Charlotte is the largest metropolitan having no zoo in the Unites States, retaining its uniqueness against other large cities. 

Nevertheless, if you feel like showing yourself to a zoo, the North Carolina Zoological Park is always at your service. The zoo awaits a sixty minute drive (contingent on where you drive from). 

  • The Giant Rotating Sculpture 

Charlotte embraces its massive, mirrored, revolving sculpture stationed at the White Hall Technology Park. It stands up to a height of thirty-one feet and weighs almost fourteen tons. It is acknowledged as the David Cernys’ Metalmorphosis. 

  • Imaginon – America’s Finest Museum for Children 

Imaginon is based in Charlotte and is ranked as one of the best museums of America. It is reported to receive more than three hundred thousand visits from American residents per annum. 

The Museum is making its mark on a global level too and is being acknowledged by a large audience worldwide. 

  • The Love of a King for his Queen 

Charlotte was under the reign of King George III and he dedicated it to his spouse, Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Not only that, even the Mecklenburg County was a tribute to her. 

It took on the name of the region she was a native of, which is the secret behind the Charlotte often being referred to as the Queen City. 

  • The Global Cheese Capital

Charlotte has been listed as the World’s Pimento Cheese Capital. It is reported that Ruth’s Salads makes up to forty-five thousand pounds of pimento’s cheese spread every seven days. 

That’s the highest amount of any South East corporation, giving Charlotte another reason to stand tall as the best city of North Carolina. 

  • US Third Fastest Developing City 

Charlotte is positioned at the Piedmont District in North Carolina and has been named as the world’s third most fast progressing metropolitan area. 

With a massive population of two million one hundred thirty-two thousand, the city keeps growing. The city observed an upsurge of 4.51% in 2018, 4.21% in 2019 and 3.8% in 2020. 

Owing to its never ending increase in inhabitants, Charlotte has been listed as the 15th most colonized city of North Carolina’s state in US. 

  • The Tyron and Trade Streets 

Back in the 1700s, two major road tracks stretched across the today named Uptown Charlotte. The Great Wagon Road was one of the two tracks and went through Philadelphia to Georgia. 

Presence of this road led to an outraged migration towards South. Nevertheless, the road tracks split the Native American Path. 

Even today, fragments of these two roads tracks survive in Charlotte acknowledged as Tyron and Trade streets. 

However, in 2021 their bisection is famous as the Independence Square, a real time historical monument today. 

  • James K. Polk Home in Pineville 

To all the devotees of the eleventh president of the US, allow us to tell you something interesting. James K. Polk was a resident of Pineville and spend most period of his life there. 

Just down the Pineville road is James’ cabin. It’s open for the general public to stopover and get to know more about his life in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Charlotte is one of the busiest cities filled with people yet overloading with love and warmth. Also, it is a great place to invest in. If, in near future, you plan to invest in real estate check Frementa website, make sure to give Charlotte a thought. You’re guaranteed to not be disappointed. 

With that being said, this post comes to an end. CHEERS!