10 Easy Tips and Activities for Team Building in Charlotte


Teams are very important in every organization. They help improve communication among fellow team members, boost morale, productivity at work, helping other employees and motivating one another. Additionally, they help new employees know each other and learning each other strengths and weaknesses. Team work helps build a better working relationship between employees and employers. Here is a list of team building activities and tips:

  1. Communication and Icebreakers

This activity involves two truths and a lie and it should take 15 to 30 minutes. Let every team member write two truths and a lie about themselves on a paper. The members should have an open communication where they try to convince each other that the lie about them is actually the truth. This game helps promote better communication skills in the team and allow them to know each other.

  1. Life Highlights Game

This game requires 30 minutes. It is suitable for both small and large groups. Request the members to close their eyes and remember the best moments of their lives. It could be family moments, career or individual. Request them to think of a 30 seconds of their life that they would like to relive if 30 seconds is all they had. This activity enables team members to know and understand each other’s passions and personalities.

  1. Coin Logo

This should take 5-10 minutes. Let all the team members empty their pockets, wallets and purses and place all the coins on the table. If someone does not have any coin or have few coins, the rest of the group members can share with them. This activity is meant for creating self-awareness and it helps the group members understand each other on a personal level.

4.The One Question Ice Breaker Activity

This activity requires 15-20 minutes. It helps the group members to talk to one another and work together as a team. This is a fun activity but is also helps members understand how to develop critical questions.

  1. Classification Game

This game takes 10-15 minutes to play. The purpose of this game is to encourage coworkers to know and understand each other. It helps them to collectively consider and know the nature of each member.

  1. Problem Solving

It takes 30 minutes to play this game. It involves cutting a picture of a well-known cartoon into so many parts and have each member take one part. Request the members to recreate their part, five times bigger than the original part. This activity helps promote departmental working and team-work contributing to overall results.

  1. Sneak a Peek Game

This games takes just 10 minutes and it teaches the workers the problem solving skills and communicating effectively.


This activity should take 30 minutes using a picture book by Istvan Banyai. The purpose of this activity is to bring the team together with the aim of communicating to solve a common problem. It also helps identify leaders who come up and take over the game.

9.The Great Egg Drop

This will take two hours. It brings the team members to work together with the aim of winning as a team.

10.Create your Own Team Building Activities

This game requires one hour time to complete. This activity is meant to promote creative thinking, communication, problem solving, trust and time management.