10 Content Marketing Tactics for Online Gambling Brands


Businesses always have industry competitors, but this is even more fierce in the online gambling industry. So, whether you offer a live casino experience, slot machines, table games or a combination of all three, positioning yourself to attract customers is vital. Content marketing is a great way to find people who enjoy playing games online as the outlets will be places they are already active on. So here are ten great tactics to get you started.

  1. Get Expert Help

Digital marketing experts are best placed to understand the constantly changing landscape of content marketing. Their skillset is in ensuring that they can position your company so that potential clients not only see what you have to offer but are drawn to engaging with your brand. It is always a good idea to bring the professionals on board as they will have ideas and experience that you will not have already thought of.

  1. Mobile Marketing

Did you know over 80% of traffic that accesses the internet does so from a mobile device? So, it’s vital that you are targeting this sector of the population. It would be best if you were promoting how easy it is to access your facilities from a mobile. To do so, you should have apps connected to everything you do so that customers can download and get on with what they want to play. Again, mobile marketing is something you can task your digital marketers with.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

A lot of people run their business by using affiliate marketing. This means that they are working in partnership with a site in their industry. So, you would do well to look for an online casino review site, where you pay them a commission for new signups that come directly from them. In return, you push out special offers to customers who are using their site when looking for the best casinos to play at. 

  1. Offer More

Content marketing is about engaging and retaining customers, so you need to create your content so that you’re not just advertising and boring people with constant content with the intention of them spending money. Posts are also about building a brand, and this means including humour, bringing extra fun in the way of quizzes, doing a giveaway, and not just constantly advertising.

  1. The Social Media Channels

You can think of the social media channels as clubs, so you want to be targeting the social media channel that has your most likely audience on board. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular for the broadest range of audience. You need to develop your customer persona and locate where they hang out to make sure you are correctly targeting them with your content marketing.

  1. Create a Community 

One of the reasons that people used to enjoy going to land-based casinos and bingo halls was the social interaction. We are already able to demonstrate that players at online casinos do look for a community aspect in their play. There are various ways to create your online community, but again make sure that you are not only attracting new audiences but retaining your existing ones.

  1. Look After Customers

One common criticism is that online casinos are only interested in offering special deals like welcome bonuses and discounts to attract new players. Don’t forget your loyal existing players. Loyalty programmes are a great way to look after customers who are already using your site and spending money.

  1. Don’t Forget Email Marketing

Newsletters are another way to engage with your audience and let them know what you’re up to. Rather than being limited to the characters available in a social media post, you can send out a lot of information about different areas of your business in one newsletter.

  1. Keep Promotions Fresh

It would be best if you stayed on top of the competition by updating your promotions and ensuring you know what everyone else is up to. Fear of missing out is something that advertisers play on a lot, so time limiting some of your promotions, even if you recycle them at a later date in a slightly different format, is likely to encourage more people to get in and take advantage before they expire.

  1. Create Competition

Another excellent marketing trick is to create competition. Some people can’t help wanting to prove that they are the best, so player tournaments are a great way to encourage new players to the site. It also fits nicely with building your community and making clear the prizes will help bring people keen to prove their skill.