10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Dad


Christmas is right around the corner, and it’s a good idea to get your gift list in order early so you can take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and other holiday shopping deals. Getting presents for people who have obvious favorites is easy. Getting presents for dads can be tough, especially since many rockstar fathers spend more time taking care of others instead of worrying about what they want.

Good news – we’ve rounded up 10 stellar Christmas gift ideas for dad. Pick up one (or several) of these, and you’ll be sure to make your dad’s Christmas special!

1. Grilling Gear

Dads seem to universally love to grill, so why not give him the tools he needs to make the perfect steak this Christmas? Depending on what your father already has, you can get him:

  • New spatulas or grill brushes
  • A brand-new grill entirely if he’s been flipping burgers on an old one
  • A dad-themed apron, complete with plenty of pockets for his gadgets and grilling utensils

If you have a smoker dad, you may be wondering what to get him for Christmas. A great gift idea is a cigar. Cigars are available in a wide range of styles and flavors, so you can find one that your dad will enjoy. They also make a great addition to any father’s collection. Plus, cigars can be enjoyed on many different occasions, from casual get-togethers to formal events. If you’re looking for a quality cigar that is sure to impress, opt for well-known brands such as Davidoff, Montecristo, or Liga Undercrown cigars which are sure to be appreciated by any cigar enthusiast. So if you are looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for your smoker dad this Christmas, consider giving him a cigar.

2. High-Quality Headphones

Many dads love to listen to their favorite music while they work or exercise. So high-quality headphones could be the perfect Christmas gift idea for your dad!

Just be sure the headphones come with wireless connectivity, comfortable earcups, and other features so he gets the most out of the new gadget. Don’t hesitate to show your dad how to work those fancy new headphones, either – many fathers are a bit behind the times when it comes to new tech, and yours may need your help hooking up Bluetooth headphones to his phone or vice versa! 

3. New Car or Truck Mirrors

Does your dad have a tendency to complain about his rearview mirror or constantly adjust it? Why not get him a brand-new rearview mirror with a better view, like the Angel View Mirror?

Angel View Mirror reviews show that this attachable rearview mirror is a perfect choice thanks to its 160° view, which can reduce blind spots. Plus, this rearview mirror can fit most vehicles and install in seconds; talk about ease of use! Grab your dad one of these new mirrors for his favorite car or truck and you’ll make him a safer driver plus provide him with some practical value: something all fathers appreciate in a Christmas gift!

4. Easy-on-the-Eyes Glasses

Plenty of dads spend way too much time in front of the computer (as do we all these days). If your father works in an office or otherwise spends a lot of time looking at digital spreadsheets, his eyes probably become tired by the end of the day.

You can make things easier on your pop by gifting him some blue light glasses. Blue light glasses filter out the overly intense blue light emitted by computer and smart device screens. These glasses are perfect for easing eyestrain while helping your dad to see more clearly while at work or while tinkering with a programming project. Plus, they’ll help them get to sleep more easily if he has to work late into the night!

5. Tickets to the Big Game

Does your dad like sports? If so, why not get him some tickets to the big game of his choice, such as football, basketball, or baseball? If you live near a stadium, he might be really tickled by this Christmas gift, as it’s a great opportunity for him to go relax while doing something he loves.

For an even better idea, get him an extra ticket so he can invite someone else, like a friend or his wife, along for the game. Going to a game by yourself can be a bit boring, so giving him the choice of inviting someone along makes this one of the best Christmas gift ideas for dads.

6. Fun Graphic Tees

What dad doesn’t like fun T-shirts he can sport around the house or when hanging out with his buddies? Unfortunately, many dads don’t go clothes shopping all that often. Instead, they’re more likely to keep wearing their same old clothes until those articles are literally hanging off by threads!

Graphic tees for men are great options for Christmas gifts for dads. Find the right retailer, and you can get graphic tees with superheroes, 80s movies, and other pop-culture icons that will fit perfectly with any man’s wardrobe.

7. Gaming Console

Many modern dads these days play video games, and we don’t blame them! Video games are fantastic fun and are easy ways to burn a Saturday afternoon. Get your dad a new PlayStation or Xbox and he’ll probably be impressed, especially since those new gaming consoles are hard to snag before they sell out.

8. Military Memorabilia

Is your dad a military veteran, or is he an active military service member? In either case, military gifts could be just the ticket. The right military memorabilia, like mugs, T-shirts, aprons, and even hats, gives you the chance to show your dad just how much his service means to you and the rest of the country.

Note that military gifts can also work for other male military members and your family, like grandparents, uncles, and brothers.

9. Dad Slippers & Robe

Dads love to relax on the weekends in comfort (after all, who doesn’t?). To get your dad a casual and affordable Christmas gift, buy him a pair of comfortable slippers and a matching robe so he can slide out of bed straight into fluffy warmth each morning. For bonus Christmas gift points, get the robe embroidered with his name so there’s no forgetting who it’s for and who’s allowed to wear the robe!

10. A New Watch

Watches are great traditional gifts for men of all ages. But as guys get older, they tend to stop purchasing new watches for themselves in favor of spending money on other things, like car repairs. Surprise your dad this Christmas with a brand-new watch and you’ll give him a memory he’ll treasure forever.

Just be sure to look at his current watch collection so you can get him one he’s never worn before or replace his old, favorite watch with a timepiece of a similar style.