$1.5 Billion Still Up for Grabs in South Carolina


If you bought a lottery ticket in South Carolina recently, you might now be a billionaire.

The winning numbers for the 2nd largest jackpot ever were announced this past October, but the prize money still remains unclaimed.  Every state has their own laws, but in South Carolina, the owner of the winning ticket has a total of 180 days to claim their winnings (in this case until April 21st, 2019), and still has the option to remain anonymous.

Should the money remain unclaimed, the funds will be deposited into an “unclaimed prize fund that supports education” – according to Holli Armstrong, a spokeswoman for the SC Education Lottery, as reported by CNN.

For more details on the ticket and the location at which it was sold, please see our original article: South Carolina Resident Just Won $1.5 Billion Lottery Jackpot – The Largest in History