​​What Is the Future of Cyber Security?


You’re probably familiar with having to go through a range of security checks when you log into your online banking account – or using password-protected filing systems at work. Whenever you use the Internet to access private information or accounts, the measures in place designed to protect the owner of said information, are forms of cyber security. 

As we use the Internet for more and more of our daily activities, data security has become an issue that concerns us all. It’s certainly true that we entrust a lot of private information to devices that most of us don’t fully understand. Thankfully, cyber security keeps this information safe online – playing a bigger role than we might think in our lives. 

Cyber security: a recap

Cyber security was developed in reaction to the various forms of malware that emerged when the Internet became more popular. Similar to how businesses hire security firms to ensure the safety of their staff, clients and buildings – cyber security services protect the digital realm from viruses and hackers looking to steal data and information.

As technology only continues to evolve – from the Internet of Things to artificial intelligence – cyber security needs to grow with it if we are to combat the various threats that exist in the virtual world.

So, what does the future of cyber security look like? 

An inevitable growth in popularity

It’s likely that cyber security will only continue to grow in popularity. Like other digital phenomena such as social media, which we’ve seen evolve exponentially in the last decade, it’s clear that the sky’s the limit with other areas of the virtual world. 

When it comes to cyber security in particular, recent technological advancements such as cloud computing have opened up a number of possibilities for cyber security’s growth. Now, it seems that the encrypted, backed up, password-protected cloud servers are more secure than real life safes and filing cabinets – with state of the art tech allowing businesses and individuals alike to keep their data, documents and information more safe than ever before. 

Not a want, but a need

We can’t talk about the future of cyber security without recognising the pure need for it, too. As more and more businesses have started to move into the digital world, cyber security has emerged as a necessity as cyber attacks become more and more common. While the Internet offers endless opportunities for growth and development, its dark side means that many of us are vulnerable when navigating digital spaces. 

Across industries, from online banking to digital data storage, cyber security is vital in maintaining safety for businesses and their stakeholders across the globe – so we’re likely to see more uptake of cyber security measures too. Plus, with the increase in remote working since the pandemic, more companies are having to invest in technology that grants remote and safe access to company information, intranets and platforms. 

It’s clear that cyber security will branch out into different sectors, as well as become more established in the areas it’s already used in. It will play a crucial role in the future of almost everything in the virtual world, and make sure that the Internet remains a safe place for us all.