The Carolinas Rank As 2 Of The Fattest States in America


According to new data from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), our country is now seeing some of the highest obesity levels* in history. Every state in America (plus Washington DC) now has an obesity rate over 20%.

They ranked each state according to the percentage of obese people living there.

This heat map shows where the highest number of obese people are concentrated;

via CDC

Colorado (20.2% obesity rate) and Washington D.C. (22.1% obesity rate) were ranked as the top 2 least-fat states in the country, followed by Hawaii, Montana, and California.

North Carolina was ranked at the #22 spot, fatter than over 60% of the other states. According to the study, “North Carolina has an obesity rate of 30.1%. Residents aged 45 to 64 have an obesity rate of 35.7%.”

Our obesity rate has also been steadily rising over the past decade, along with the rest of the country;

via CDC

South Carolina was ranked significantly fatter, coming in at #13, with an obesity rate of 31.7%.

West Virginia, Mississipi, and Alabama were all tied for the second fattest state, with obesity rates of 35.6%. Louisiana took the top spot, with an obesity rate of 36.2%.

*”Obese is defined as body mass index (BMI) ≥ 30.0; BMI was calculated from self-reported weight and height (weight [kg]/ height [m²). Respondents reporting weight < 50 pounds or ≥ 650 pounds; height < 3 feet or ≥ 8 feet; or BMI: <12 or ≥ 100 were excluded. Pregnant respondents were also excluded,” according to the CDC.

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