York County Dumping Over 45,000 Gallons Of Water Per Day Due To Chemicals in Drinking Water


rock hill flushing waterAfter some dangerous test results came back from analyzing York County’s water supply, the city has now decided to begin dumping. In the midst of a serious drought, the county has now started dumping over 45,000 gallons of water per day to try to rid the system of the pollutant.

The water supply tested higher than normal for a chemical called trihalomethane, a byproduct from the production of chlorine. The chemical has been shown to cause health problems, if consumed over the coarse of several years. Officials say the problem will be corrected and will continue to stay under constant monitoring for the foreseeable future by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.

York was required to notify customers and did, said Jim Beasley, a spokesman for DHEC. Beasley said testing showed there is “no immediate risk” from the water and standards for exposure are based on lifetime exposure.

The federal Environmental Protection Agency sets guidelines for water quality.

In the letter received by customers this week, the city acknowledged violating the water standards but assured people of the water quality. The letter also stated that people with certain medical conditions, immune disorders or other problems should seek medical advice about the water if anyone had concerns.

York buys its water from the city of Rock Hill, which in turn pipes its water in from Lake Wylie. The City of Rock Hill’s water supply has not yet tested positive for any similar chemicals.

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