Vic The Chiliman Cooks Up Some Cardinals Birdstew for the Panthers NFC Championship Game (Video)


The Panthers just took down the Seahawks to lead them to the NFC Championship game this coming weekend with the Cardinals in Charlotte – the first time in history the Pathers have had home town advantage for the NFC Championship game.

In honor of this weekend’s epic game, Charlotte’s very own Chiliman has teamed up with EndZoneFans and Charlotte Stories to make the ultimate birdstew recipe featuring all of your favorite Panther’s players;

If you haven’t met “Vic the Chili Man” yet, you need to – his legendary Uptown hot dog cart is ranked on Yelp as the #1 restaurant in the city of Charlotte! You can follow Vic The Chiliman on his Facebook page here.

Also, if you want the epic ‘dab on em’ shirt from this video you can get it on Etsy here.

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