Town of Cornelius Buying A New $207,000 Police Boat


cornelius new 25-foot police boatWhen Cornelius Town Board met last night to discuss the purchase of a new 25-foot police boat, their approval came surprisingly fast considering it was such a large expenditure. CPD’s new high-speed $207,000 boat will come fully loaded with an indoor cabin, advanced navigation and surveillance technology, and one of the fastest motors available.

“An open boat is just not feasible for our officers to be out on the water during the winter,” Hoyle commented to commissioners at last night’s meeting.

The new boat would require a 20% down payment, which would need to be paid through a new budget amendment for the town of Cornelius. The town will also apply $41,400 in funds they’ve seized in recent drug raids toward the total cost of the boat.

City commissioners who disapproved of the purchase suggested that, since many people who use Lake Norman are not Cornelius residents, the town should seek financial support from other towns around Lake Norman for the purchase of the new patrol boat.

Mecklenburg County currently pays more than $300,000 per year to Cornelius for lake patrol services, paid from property taxes of Mecklenburg residents who live near the lake.

What do you think of the new purchase? 

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