Tonight’s Ultra-Luxury Fashion Show in Charlotte Will Preview Styles Before Beverly Hills (Video)


As the city of Charlotte continues to grow, so does its fashion industry. Tonight marks a true milestone in the industry’s development as Porsche Design will be unveiling their new fall collection before other more well known fashion cities.

The new fashion show and city-wide movement Fashion D’Lux has already established an impressive reputation. Tonight’s show will feature NBA star Ish Smith, Emmy winning Astrid Martinez, and an appearance by the legendary Mario Lopez;

One of the main objectives of Fashion D’Lux is to provide a platform for local businesses to collaborate and develop relationships with global brands, such as Porsche Design, and Nordstrom. “People ask how we were able to align ourselves with such reputable and iconic companies,” says Peter Carey Creative Director. “We sincerely believe that these organizations care about their local communities and welcome new and creative ways to partner with quality businesses.”

Major retail sponsors Porsche Design and Nordstrom, and other fashion industry leaders saw the value of participating with Fashion D’Lux in hopes of increasing their store’s awareness in the local Charlotte market while being able to support a great cause, The Possibility Project. The board of directors for Fashion D’Lux states they are a success story of this synergistic model as well.

More information and tickets available here.

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