This Lake Norman Non-Profit Is Saving The World One Dog At A Time



Holly’z Hope lake norman dog rescue Holly’z Hope just launched about a year ago and has already rescued dozens of animals through custom building doghouses and fences, as well as giving free veterinary care to dogs that are stuck outside on a rope or chain. The local non-profit also gives out free pet supplies and education for owners of pets in need.

The organizations has already recently started working with city leaders in Cornelius to try to get an anti-tethering ordinance passed. They are arguing that tethered dogs negatively affect property values, as well as causing physical and emotional harm to the animals.

The city of Davidson has an anti-tethering law and they’ve seen a huge reduction in complaints, such as vicious dogs or dogs without water.

Holly’s Hope now has a goal to provide every chained up K-9 in the Lake Norman region with a proper pet shelter, up-to-date vaccinations, food, toys, warm bedding, and owner education that teaches responsible pet ownership.

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