This Charlotte Startup Now Employs Over 2,000 People in 62 Restaurants Around The World


Charlotte was recently voted as one of the top 4 start-up cities in the world by Inc Magazine. Over the years, our city has developed several entrepreneurial networks and infrastructures designed to support visionaries, two of the biggest examples being Packard Place and Queen City Forward.

I recently learned about an incredible start-up that’s used these networks to become one of the largest restaurant companies in our city. Chanticleer Holdings was launched 10 years ago as a business development company focused on buying and expanding restaurants here in Charlotte and around the world. They now own The American Burger Company, The Burger Joint, a majority stake in Just Fresh, and they’re one of the largest Hooter’s franchisee owners in the world. The company now owns 62 restaurants on 5 continents, employing over 2,000 people.

I had the honor of sitting down with the President and CEO of Chanticleer Holdings, Mike Pruitt at one of their most popular restaurants in Charlotte, The Burger Company;

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