This Charlotte Film Crew Made A Parody Of The Hardees Commercial That’s Going Viral


If you’ve ever watched one of those Hardee’s commercials and thought, “this is sexist, why are only women ever in these commercials?”, you’re in luck.

Charlotte based comedian Jordan Pinkston, and local film producer Matt Clum created this hilarious parody of the Hardee’s “Patty Melt” commercial that now evens things up;

According to Matt Clum, “THE SONG, LOGO, and VOICE OVER belong to HARDEE’s. This is a PARODY VIDEO of the original content. Thanks!


Talent – Jordan Pinkston
Talent – Katie Kirkpatrick
Producer – Matt K. Clum
Director of Photography – Scott Jones
Grip – Josh Ford
Production Assistant – Ray Espey

Contact info: Matt K. Clum: 704-808-0174 (work number)

SPECIAL THANKS: To Hardee’s employees Alan and Lydia, without you, we would have had to go to another Hardee’s. Also, big thanks to the anonymous farm who loves us, but doesn’t want direct ties… we understand.”





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