These Historical Facts About Charlotte, Denver, and San Francisco Prove Charlotte Will Win Super Bowl 50


With all the history of gold rushes in America from Charlotte, to San Francisco, to Denver, with the fact that Super Bowl 50 taking place during the Jewish 50th year of Jubilee, and with all the prophecies about Charlotte winning the Super Bowl – how could we not win?


– Carolina Gold Rush started in 1799 (Reed’s Gold Mine just East of downtown Charlotte)
– California Gold Rush started in 1849 (50 years later just north east of San Francisco)
– Denver Gold Rush started in 1859 (10 years later in Pike’s Peak, just south of Downtown Denver)

– In 1849 a wave a miners moved from Charlotte to the San Francisco region to find gold.
– In 1998 a wave of bankers moved from San Francisco to Charlotte when Nations Bank bought Bank of America
– In 2008 a wave of bankers moved from Charlotte to San Francisco when Wells Fargo bought Wachovia

– It is currently the Jewish year 5776 (September 14th, 2015 – October 4th, 2016) – the Jewish calendar has a 49 year cycle (7 7s), the first year of every new cycle – or the 50th year, they celebrate a ‘year of jubilee‘ – the year 5776 is one of those years – and Super Bowl 50 is happening directly in the middle of it!

– Bob Jones heard from God in the early 1990s that when the Panthers win the Super Bowl, a great revival is coming (listen to the message here).

Do you think the Panthers will win?




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