The Dollar Movie Theater on Independence Is Reopening This Week


charlotte dollar theaterThe ‘Movies 10’ theater on Independence Blvd., often referred to locally as the ‘dollar theater’, is about to reopen under new management.

The popular theater unexpectedly closed on August 23rd, but thankfully Carolina Cinemas purchased it from Cinemark for an undisclosed sum and now plans on reopening the theater later this week.

The theater will offer the same pricing as it did earlier this year under Cinemark’s management. Tickets will be $3 on Wednesday-Monday and $1.50 on Tuesdays.

The company plans on updating the theater, including the lobby, hallways, and seats. They will also start offering a much broader selection of snacks, including sandwiches and pizzas at the concession stand.

Carolina Cinemas also owns and operates a ‘standard-priced’ theater off Monroe Rd., as well as two other theaters in Ashville and Raleigh.

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