Taste The Flavors Of The World Through These 30 Charlotte Restaurants


Charlotte is quickly becoming one of the most diverse cities in America, with transplants coming from all over the country and immigrants coming from all over the world.

We decided to put together a list of some of the top Charlotte restaurants (based on Yelp reviews) representing many of the major countries and cultures from around the world.

They are numbered according to their culture’s geographic location, from West to East:

world restaurants around Charlotte

#1 Cabo Fish Taco – Baja Mexican

Whenever someone new comes to town, this is one of the must-go restaurants – a true NoDa staple.

#2 Paco’s Tacos – Tex-Mex

On par with Cantina 1511, this place has some truly incredible tex-mex tacos and burritos.

#3 Tacos El Nevado – Mexican

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We understand that only listing one Mexican restaurant can be very controversial, but this place has very authentic Mexican offerings at great prices – and has raving Yelp reviews. Azetca and Lupitas Carniceria & Tortilleria are two other great options.

#4 Anntony’s Caribbean Café

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Tasty and authentic Caribbean food, and believe it or not, one of the best burgers in town!

#5 Irie Vibes – Jamaican

Flavorful rice and beans, plantains, and amazing jerk chicken – if you love Jamaican food, you’ll love this place.

#6 El Pulgarcito De America – Central American

This place offers a tasty fusion of El Salvadorian and Honduran food with Southern Mexican flare.

#7 Los Paisas – Colombian

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Colombian natives on Yelp have commented that this place offers some of the best sweet plantains, braised beef tongue, and yucca in Charlotte.

#8 Arepas Grill – Venezuelan

They’re most well-known for their stuffed corn pancakes & other Venezuelan brunch favorites.

#9 Chima Brazilian Steakhouse

This is certainly the most well-known Brazilian steakhouse in Charlotte, but also the priciest. You might also want to check out Brazz Carvery & Brazilian Steakhouse and Amor de Brazil.

#10 Pio Pio – Peruvian

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This was a true toss-up between Pio Pio and Viva Chicken, but based on reviews, it seemed that Pio Pio was a more authentic option.

#11 Big Ben British Pub

Another toss-up between Big Ben and Sir Edmond Halley’s, but Big Ben’s reviews were slightly better.

#12 Malabar – Spanish

The Malabar royal paella, a must have!

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One of the few restaurants in Charlotte that offers tapas, true Spanish tapas.

#13 Georges Brasserie – French

Truly authentic French eatery in the heart of South Park. It’s especially famous for its brunch and mussels.

#14 Babushka’s Pierogi – Polish/Russian

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This is the only restaurant in the Charlotte region that offers true Polish food, along with some tasty Russian and Uzbek dishes. If you’ve never had a legit Pierogi, you need to check this place out.

#15 Waldhorn Restaurant – German

Having a yummy German lunch. #germany #germanfood #ichliebedeutschland #deutschland 🇩🇪🇩🇪

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This place specializes in well-made German delicacies; including sauerbraten, pork loin cooked with bacon, red cabbage, and homemade sauerkraut.

#16 Mad Greek Restaurant

Best in town

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Truly amazing Greek food with massive portions, this place doesn’t disappoint.

#17 Luce – Italian

Authentic, high-end Northern Italian cuisine served in a sophisticated setting with one of the best patios in Uptown.

#18 Zoewee’s Restaurant – Liberian

West African cuisine with some of the most unique flavor combinations in Charlotte. They’re most well known for their potato greens, casava leaf, fish/plantains, fish gravy and seasoned rice.

#19 Motherland Cuisine – Nigerian

Some of the most authentic Nigerian food you can find in the SouthEast. A passionate family owned and operated establishment.

#20 Cuisine Eritrean – Ethiopian

Incredible East African cuisine with a down-home feel.

#21 Jamile’s Cuisine – Somalian

Jamile’s Cuisine charlotte nc

Jamile’s, a Somali restaurant, prepares its goat in true East African fashion – in both soup and suqar.

#22 Yafo Kitchen – Israeli

If there was such a thing as the perfect bowl of food. #RemyThurstonPhotography

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A new Mediterranean South Park and a great addition to the casual dining scene in Charlotte, offering some of the best Israeli dishes in the city.

#23 Levant – Lebanon

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Fantastic middle eastern food in an authentic setting. You have to try the Kabobs with Yogurt Sauce.

#24 Copper – Indian

Top-notch authentic Indian food in the heart of Dilworth. If you love Indian food, you’ll love this place.

#25 Lang Van – Vietnamese

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This place will seriously raise your bar for Pho and all Vietnamese food in general. Their lettuce wraps are a must-try.

#26 Malaya Kitchen Asian Fusion – Malaysian

This place has all of the best Malaysian offerings, including nasi lemak, char kway teow, and even white coffee.

#27 Thai Taste

A true staple of Charlotte and the perfect place to take a date. Get the Pad Thai, #3 if you like it spicy – it will change you.

#28 Shun Lee Palace – Chinese


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This is the place to eat and enjoy a nice elegant Chinese meal, it’s one of the oldest and most well-respected chinese restaurants in Charlotte.

#29 PePeRo – Korean

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Authentic Korean food that can get a little pricey, but the quality is unparalleled in Charlotte.

#30 Ru Sans – Japanese

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Ru Sans Japanese Restaurant is hands-down one of the best sushi places in Charlotte and the best (and possibly the only) high-grade sushi buffet in the region. Their buffet is only open for lunch until 11:30am-2:30pm Monday-Saturday, but get their early, the lines form quick.

How many cultures have you tasted so far in Charlotte?

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