South Carolina About To Vote On New Bill Requiring Background Checks From Syrian Refugees


new south carolina refugee billAfter the horrendous terrorist attack in Brussels, SC lawmakers want to expedite the vote of a new bill that would require background checks of all refugees to be shared with law enforcement agencies.

The bill would also hold refugees’ host organizations liable for any crimes committed by settlers from “terrorist nations”.

Last month, the it was given priority status with a 32-4 vote (all four ‘nos’ were Democrats). Opponents the passing of the bill last week, but now, the ISIS terrorist attacks in Brussels are rushing the Senate’s final vote.

If passed, the bill would:

▪ Require refugees to provide their address, telephone number, work information and criminal record to the S.C. Department of Social Services within 30 days of arriving in the state.

▪ Require Social Services to share information about refugees with State Law Enforcement.

Do you think the new bill should pass?


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