This Rock Hill Woman Bought Strangers Gifts And Started A Pay-It-Forward Movement


A Rock Hill woman has just started a chain reaction of giving when she felt God call her to go to Sam’s Club and buy strangers gifts.

Janice Jones, a 65-year-old who recently retired from Duke Energy, felt called to the Hoover family when they were shopping in Sam’s Club. At first, Lacy Hoover tried to decline the charity, but Janice insisted, and ended up buying the family a new tv, groceries, and even a gift card.

The Hoover family was so moved by the random act of kindness that they decided to return to the same store the next day and buy items for 50 other families;

Several of the Sam’s workers and onlookers were so touched by the love and kindness that they even began to hug eachother, and many said they also wanted to do random acts of kindness of their own.

Janice Jones leads a small ministry in downtown Rock Hill called Breakthrough Deliverance Ministries with a simple mission of helping whoever God leads them to.

She plans on continuing to give anything she has to wherever she is led.

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