North Carolina’s New “Gun Rights Amendment” Bill (HB1148) Would Allow Concealed Weapons Without Permits


concealed carry law north carolinaGun rights advocates in North Carolina are now pushing for a new law that would allow people to carry a concealed weapon without a permit. The new “Gun Rights Amendment” bill or HB 1148 is about to be voted on in the NC House.

The current law requires that anyone who wants to carry a handgun under their clothes or in a purse, you have to get a concealed carry permit.

To get a permit now requires eight hours of training in addition to a gun range test, then comes a federal, state, and local background check, fingerprints, and a 6 month waiting period.

If HB 1148 passes, all those requirements will go away.

The North Carolina House moved forward with the “Gun Rights Amendment” bill about forty-eight hours after the mass shooting at an Orlando gay nightclub, the North Carolina House moved forward with the “Gun Rights Amendment” bill.

At this point it’s not clear when the bill will be voted on, but if you’d like to see it pass or shot down, you can contact your represtative and let them know how they should vote.

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