North Carolina State Legislature Just Passed A Law Overturning Charlotte’s New Bathroom Bill


hb2 north carolinaRALEIGH, NC — The North Carolina General Assembly just held a historic special session to discuss, debate, and vote on whether or not Charlotte’s new bathroom bill and sexual expression clauses were in violation of the state’s constitution.

At about 6pm on Wednesday evening, HB2, or the “Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act,” passed both chambers by a majority vote of 83-24 and is now on its way to be signed by Governor Pat McCrory.

UPDATE: At 10:00pm EST, governor McCrory signed bill HB2 into law and released this statement explaining why he decided to sign it, then sent out this tweet;

The Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act specifically clarifies that all public bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers in the state are limited to only 1 sex at a time, and authorizes the Human Rights Commission to oversee the new protections. The new law also allows for transgender people who have transitioned to the opposite sex to freely use the bathroom of their new sex.

It also clarifies that the State is responsible for regulating employment relationships in order to simplify local laws and ordinances which are deemed harmful to commerce, labor, and trade in the state of North Carolina. It specifies that local governments can’t force local businesses to pay workers above the current state minimum wage, with some exceptions.

Supporters took to Twitter to show their approval;

While many opponents to the new bill expressed outrage on Twitter;

What do you think about the new bill?