The North Carolina Republican Leader Has Just Been Impeached


north carolina republian impeachmentAbout 300 North Carolina Republican Party leaders just met earlier today to impeach the party’s chairman, Hasan Harnett.

Harnett was accused of hacking into the party’s website to change convention fees, publicly denouncing other party leaders, and not raising enough money for the party. He was found guilty in a 202-84 vote on a charge of “major violations” of the party’s rules, and a 205-77 vote for “gross inefficiency.”

The committee elected ex-chairman and former U.S. Rep. Robin Hayes of Concord to fill the rest of Harnett’s term.

Hayes said that he is now looking forward to bringing the party together. “We are all sad to be in the position of having to take today’s action but firm in our resolve to go forward in the most open and fair way possible,” he remarked after today’s impeachment of Harnett.

What do you think of the Republican leadership in North Carolina?



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