New Changes To HB2 Might Keep The NBA All Star Games In Charlotte


pat mccrory new Hb2 changesThe NC House of Representatives is in talks of proposing a new bill that would make significant changes to the controversial HB2 (House Bill 2).

At this point, the new revision is rumored to include;

– Adopting federal ant-discrimination standards
– Creating a certificate of sex reassignment
– Implementing Harsher penalties for bathroom crimes
– Creating an anti-discrimination task force

The new “certificate of sex reassignment” would allow transgender persons who’ve had reassignment surgery to use the bathroom they identify with, but the new draft doesn’t address those who identify as transgender, but haven’t had the surgery, or those who may pose as transgenders in order to gain access to the bathrooms of the opposite sex.

The tougher penalties for crimes in bathrooms included in the new draft would significantly increase the jail time and penalties for sexual predators who commit crimes in bathrooms. The new legislation also includes a newly proposed anti-discrimination task force, which would be dedicated to removing anti-discrimination throughout the state.

These potential changes come as the state reels from negative publicity from HB2, including significant pressure from the NBA with the threat of them pulling the All-Star games out of Charlotte.

“There’s still a lot of work to do before we get to a final product. And a lot of meetings to be had and a lot of discussion to be had. And this is a work in progress, a collaborative effort,” commented Representative Charles Jeter.

What do you think of the potential changes?



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