NC Governor McCrory Signs Executive Order Overturning Parts of HB2 – Adding LGBT Protections To The State


mccrory signs executive order overturning hb2After weeks of national outrage over North Carolina’s new HB2 bill, which limited the ability of cities to change their non-discrimination ordinances, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory just signed an executive order to add sweeping LGBT protections throughout the state.

Executive Order 93 now makes North Carolina one of 24 states to have sexual orientation and gender identity protections for all employees. It also gives private businesses and local governments the right to establish their own non-discrimination policies.

The order will seek legislation to reinstate the right to sue in state court for any type of work-place discrimination, including being fired or not being hired.

You can read McCrory’s entire Executive Order 93 in PDF form here.

The governor also just released the following video explaining why he signed the order;

What do you think about HB2 and this new executive order?



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