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    Top 5 Apps That Get You Your Dream Job

    In the competitive world of today, it is those surviving with an edge: The adaptable, competitive and the quick. To be all that one must be equipped with the necessary tools to stay sharp and innovative. With the entire world going mobile, let’s look at the essential apps that can land you your dream job with the fastest way possible.

    1. Indeed:
    Indeed has proven to be one of the top search engines in the past few years. One of the basic reasons is that it is user friendly and offers a quick search straight from the homepage. All you need to do is type in the words for the type of job you are looking for, the job title, or even search for an employer in their search bar, what’s sweeter is that even allows you to search for a job in accordance to your preferred location. Once you’re done specifying these two details, simply click “Find Jobs”, and there you have it. Your dream job appears right in front of you, your job at your dream location!

    2. LinkedIn
    Being a professional and not having a LinkedIn profile is suicidal. This app allows you to connect in real-time with the millions of users straight from your smart phone. This platform keeps you well connected with all your professional updates at every passing minute.

    3. Interview Prep Questions:
    Interview Prep Questions as the name suggests is the best tool to cover your pre-interview jitters, offering potential questions and even suggests answers for practicing purposes. It also allows you to customize and playback personalized answers to ensure that you’re brimming with confidence and well prepared for any interview.

    4. Job compass
    This app can serve to be your job tracker. Using the location information on your smart phone, it will literally hunt down for job openings near you. To help you look out for jobs easily it marks job openings just the way google map does, with refined results depending upon your location. Whether you are at home or elsewhere the bird’s eye view scans the available positions all across for your ease and comfort.

    5. Good Job:
    The job search process can be a drag! GOOD JOB, however is here to help. This efficient app tracks your entire job related activity for you, helps you to organize, prioritize and stay on top of the logistic challenges which normally spring up in the application process.