Mecklenburg County Spending $165 Million To Relocate Customer Service Buildings


mecklenburg county building projectMecklenburg County is now spending a historic sum of money to shift all resident services from one central office building, out to several suburban locations. They’re trying to make county services, such as permitting, filing complaints, and paying fees easier for residents who live throughout the county.

The first phase of the plan is currently budgeted to cost $165 million, but the county is promising that it won’t create any additional burden for taxpayers, according to Mecklenburg County’s 2016 Work Plan.

The $165 million first phase of the plan includes;

1. The relocation of LUESA from the Hal Marshall Center to Suttle Avenue, which will
improve the experience for customers and employees while supporting the
redevelopment of the North Tryon corridor.

2. The relocation of MEDIC from over-utilized, leased facilities to a permanent
home. This involves the adaptive re-use of a warehouse and distribution facility
central to their service area.

3. The balance of Valerie C. Woodard will be renovated, providing a home for the
balance of staff from the Hal Marshall Center, the Tax Assessor and Tax Collector
offices, and some functions of the consolidated Health and Human Services Agency.
Some renovation will occur to support the work of creating new Community Resource

4. The initial phase of work within the Government District will be initiated, with the
relocation of a consolidated Finance Department as a focus along with renovations to
and use of underutilized spaces.

They now have a goal to finish the first phase in the next five to 10 years.

Do you think this is the best use of $165 million?





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