Lake Norman Teen Qualified For The U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Championships


lake norman synchronized swimmingNot only is the Lake Norman region home to some of the best curling in America – it’s also dominating the synchronized swimming world. In 2010, the Huntersville Family Fitness and Aquatics Center hosted the U.S. Nationals for synchronized swimming, and now, one of the event’s spectators has now climbed to the national stage.

Olivia Schafer (14), will now be competing in the 2016 U.S. National Synchronized Swimming Championships in Mesa, Arizona from April 5th to the 9th of this year. The Pine Lake Prep student qualified for three events – 13-15 solo, 13-15 duet and 13-15 team – a truly impressive feat considering how hard it is to qualify for even 1.

She grew up in a synchronized swimming family, with her mom competing at the collegiate level at Ohio State, and has had incredible support ever since she learned how to swim. She now plans on following in her mom’s footsteps at Ohio State, and hopes to one day make it to the Olympics.

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