Kannapolis Spending $600,000 To Install A New Carousel


kannapolis spending $600,000 to install new carouselThe Kannapolis City Council has just approved a historic $600,000 spending plan to install a carousel in Village Park. The carousel itself will only cost $228,000, but the city will also need to build a structure to house the carousel, install landscaping around the structure, and install other complimentary improvements around Village Park.

The new carousel was originally included in the 2001 master plan to re-develop Village Park.

The carousel the city has its eye on is a 1989 Bertazzon Carousel manufactured in Italy. It has 570 lights, Brazilian oak decking and hand painted Venetian murals. The proposed carousel is a double-decker carousel that will be housed under a structure 60 feet in diameter.

The city is purchasing the carousel from a mall that closed in Illinois. The ride will hold 68 people and will be fully handicap accessible.

The anticipated spending is now up to $1.35 million for Village Park Phase 3, which includes the historic new carousel project.


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